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Playing Architect With Floorplanner (Making 2D House Plans)

We’ve finally found a way to show off the changing layout of our house without actually inviting everyone over for a visit (although we’re always happy to give tours). The other day I was browsing and saw a link to some free (!!) software called Floorplanner, which they had reviewed as an easy-to-use tool for creating 2D house plans. They also showcase software like Plan 3D and Google SketchUp if you’re looking to do more involved, 3D drawings. But I’m starting slow…

Last night I cranked away on two very different floor plans: our old layout, and our almost-there new layout. Check each of them out below, but ignore the square footage and other technical stuff (I didn’t bother to measure every room exactly). I just tried to make everything as proportional as possible. So without further ado…

Here’s our old floor plan:

Old Layout

And now our new floor plan:

New House Layout

Some noteworthy changes are:

Hope all my time was worth it and you guys can better visualize the transformation happening over here. And again, Floorplanner is free so I encourage everyone to take it for a spin. We’d love to see the results.



Special Delivery

The cabinets arrived yesterday. Woohoo!

The initial excitement of seeing the Kraftmaid 18-wheeler roll up outside was momentarily replaced by a fear that we hadn’t cleared enough temporary storage space for the boxes. Fortunately the truck wasn’t full. But I can’t say the same for our living room after the Kraftmaid guys finished moving box after box through the front door.

Kraftmaid Truck Cabinet Boxes in Living Room

So how does a box-filled living room turn into a cabinet-filled kitchen? First, our Home Depot project manager shows up today to inspect the delivery and make sure nothing is missing or damaged. Assuming nothing is awry (knock on wood- er, Thermofoil) the HD installer will start assembling the kitchen next Monday, Dec 3rd.

That should mean completed cabinetry no later than Dec 5th, at which point the countertop process begins. But that’s a whole other story. So for now let’s just concentrate on the small victory of a quick and painless cabinet delivery.