How Lowe’s Can Ya Go?

No Floor Trim in Den7:30pm, Monday-

SHERRY: Floors are looking great so far, right?
JOHN: Definitely. You agree, Burger?
(Burger stands in silent agreement)
SHERRY: Do you think it’s weird that there’s no baseboard here against the brick?
JOHN: No, it’s fine.
SHERRY: Yeah, you’re right. It’s fine.

11:00pm, Monday-

SHERRY: I’ve been thinking, it is weird that there’s no baseboard there.
JOHN: What? No, it looks fi-
JOHN: Okay. So what do you want to do?
SHERRY: Get a baseboard and have the floor guys install it.
JOHN: But the floor guys’ last day is tomorrow and we can’t buy any baseboards tonight because Lowe’s closed an hour ago.
SHERRY: Can you get it tomorrow morning before work?
JOHN: Do you think they even make that kind of baseboard anymore?
SHERRY: You’re right. I should come with you. But we’ll have to be back before the guys show up at 7:30.

(Here come the famous last words.)

JOHN: Well, Lowe’s does open at 6am…

And that’s how we found ourselves in the wood cutting department at 6:21 this morning.


  1. Amanda says

    Hi there! My husband and I purchased our 1950’s home in Richmond, VA in 2007, and we have had so much fun seeing how another couple in the area has been able take a 1950’s house and make it a modern home! Your home layout looks sooo incredibly similar to ours, too, which makes it that much more fun! I’d love to hear how you were able to match up the baseboards that you talk about on this post! We recently added molding to our laundry room- it already had the original molding on one of the walls, but not on the other three (and we couldn’t remove the old molding without hiring an electrician because the dryer actually was wired into the baseboard!). When we went to Lowe’s and Home Depot, they didn’t carry anything as tall as we needed it to be (everything was a good inch too short). We ended up doing some SERIOUS DIY work to create something that works, but I’d love to hear how you did it! Your molding looks nearly identical to ours! :) I’d also love to know how your dryer vents- currently our washer is on the wall with the kitchen and our dryer is on the opposite wall, venting to the outside. We have talked about moving the dryer next to the washer, but we’re not sure how we’d vent it (we talked about venting straight down into our super-tall crawl space and out one of the under-house vents, but we’re not sure yet). Thanks for the info!! :)

    • says

      Well since that corner had a doorway on both sides we didn’t worry much about the trim being an exact match because there was a bit of visual divide between the other baseboard in the room. But thankfully Lowe’s had something extremely similar (if not identical) and once the quarter-round was added everything looked seamless. We’re lucky to have something so basic to work with I guess!

      And as for our dryer, it vents to the outside (but it goes under the floor since it’s about 8′ from the outside of the house). We’re not sure about moving the venting since it’s not something we’ve tackled, but maybe you can google around for a tutorial? Happy hunting…


  2. says

    Yes, would love more of these posts! In fact I am thinking it would be fun for my blog too except I dont’ have a DIY, home loving hubby like John :) So it would go something like this..

    me – “what do you think of my new mantel display”

    him – oh, you changed the mantel, didn’t notice? or if you like it, I like it! Looks great honey! :)


    me – Or, I think we should put install tile in the bathroom

    him – That’s fine as long as you don’t want me to help.

  3. Michelle Kersey says

    OMG. This was a hilarious little find from your blogiversary post. Almost done reading it, after re-reading many posts you all linked in it. Yep. Been all up in YHL for about 2 hours. :) Happy Blogiversary!

  4. Leigh Ann says

    I had never read this before your Blogiversary, LOVE IT! Reminds me of the conversations with Clara that you put up on Young House Life (also love those!) I’d like to see more of these, plus I think it might could help you with your goal of reducing post length. :-)

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