Operation Widen Doorways – Day 1

The crew from Parker Home Improvement showed up bright and early Wednesday morning to work on the doorways and kitchen demo. According to Sherry, it was a long day with only a couple snags requiring emergency phone calls. One to an electrician (couldn’t move a light switch through a stud), the other to the vet (dog swallowed a jagged piece of plastic). But in the end, the kitchen got knocked out, one doorway got widened, an electrician rescued us (for free!), and the dog threw up the piece of plastic. I’d call that a successful day.

Living Room Door Taped off New Door to Kitchen

Today, the Parker boys are back to widen more doors and spew more dust. The electrician is back too (this time for a couple hundred bucks) to finish up from yesterday. The hand-out we got yesterday was great, but we couldn’t turn off the kitchen light all night.


  1. Robin says

    Awww….poor Burger not only swallowed plastic but gets called “the dog” in this old post. Does Burger get crated for big demos now?

  2. katie says

    I hope this isn’t prying, but I haven’t had the guts to have a big contractor-required project in my “dream” list because I just assume it’s out of my price range. Can you share how much you paid for this door widening? Sorry if I’ve missed another post that had this info….

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