Oooh, Ancient Treasure!

When the cabinets came out on Wednesday, we uncovered some buried treasure. Well, if you consider things stuck under 50-year old cabinets to be “buried” and tattered old papers to be “treasure.”

Here’s what we found:

  • Coupon for 5¢ off 2 bars of Princess Dial soap (“the soap with moisturizing cream right in it”)
  • Coupon for 12¢ off two cans of Campbell’s Soup for One (expires 4/30/81 – I was less than 7 months from birth!)
  • Coupon for 15¢ off 2 packages of Soft-weve toilet paper
  • A dentist appointment reminder card for Mrs. Floyd Pollay for April 28, 1971 at 2pm
  • A Beginner Bible Story dated Nov 1958
  • A Storytime pamphlet called “God’s Helpers” dated November 30, 1958
  • A poison antidote chart copyrighted 1965
  • A drawing by Lisa Pollay dated April 11th, 3:15

Click below to see the treasures larger. Any suggestions on what we should do with them?

Wall Treasures


  1. Jani says

    Not sure if you still have these or not, but if so, you should google the names of the family and see if they are interested in obtaining the buried treasure. If you can’t find them, I think it would be cool to make a collage out of them or even cut letters out of them to spell something cool to hang in the kitchen (or scrapbook). Hmmm, makes me wonder what we’ll find beneath our 1940s cabinets.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Tran,

      We actually keep them all in a little manila folder that we whip out to show guests. Everyone gets a kick out of our random discoveries.


  2. Lisa says

    We found a page from a 1947 magazine with an editorial about rampant STDs post-World War II. No joke. The article was called “Our Shameful VD Record,” and we framed the page and hung it on the wall. It probably won’t stay up very long because guests don’t really know what to make of it, but I love finding (sometimes shocking) pieces of history like that.

  3. Aimee says

    What fun stuff! I know I was really excited to see what I would find when I ripped out my kitchen. All I found was a bottle of Dawn containing some black liquid, and an old sock. Ewww. I just discovered your blog a week ago, and am going back and reading all your archives. I love it!!

  4. Michelle says

    We moved into my parents old house about 3 years ago and during renovations(my parents built the house) found a beer bottle in the walls! Made for an interesting story next time I seen my Dad.

  5. Matthea says

    In a home I bought in the heart of Austin, I found a 60+ year old pencil with a small town’s local HS football schedule printed onto it — and the small town was right where my uncle had recently bought property to be a second home, a few hours’ drive from Austin. That pencil went into a shadow box for him for Christmas — he loved it, and it is still hung on the wall in his small-town home, begging conversation from his visitors!

  6. says

    This is exactly why a “new” house would never work for me! I love finding the hidden treasures (from buried wallpaper to old newspapers) that give a glimpse into the past.

  7. Kristen says

    While doing renovations my father found an old glass milk bottle in the yard, which we donated to the town historical society.
    P.S. I came across your blog through a google search on hanging curtains and now my little insomniac self is addicted!

  8. Amanda P says

    Did you ever return these to Lisa, or do you still have them? I love that she found you and gave you the history of your old home!

  9. Judy Dryer says

    Andi, we found the same thing while we were remodeling our house in Clintonville. We showed the help wanted ads to Sophie and Jen and they were surprised that, in the 1960’s, ads were segregated into “Help Wanted Female” and “Help Wanted Male”. Also great ads for stores that no longer exist. Unfortunately, they were badly crinkled, brown and brittle. I still have them somewhere in the basement but they have probably crumbled into tiny pieces by now. It was a fun discovery.

  10. Isabel says

    You’ve probably forgotten all about this post at this point but I’m fairly new to your blog and have decided to go back to the beginning. This one struck a chord though. About a month ago, my husband woke up in the middle of the night cause the attic fan blades were hitting the sides of the fan. I sleep like a log so after forcing me to get up claiming the house was going to catch fire any minute from the sparks (he freaks out pretty easily), we climbed into the attic to take a look. My attic is hard to get to so I had only been there once before but this time I started looking at what I thought was “debris” in between the floor boards. Among other things, I found the previous owners’ Navy discharge papers from 1945, a matchbox with his pic (to promote his campaign for city council in the mid-60s), a college or HS class schedule printed on an index card, a bank deposit receipt from 1962, and a doctor’s bill from around the same time. I am a history buff so it was all I could do not to start going through every floorboard right then. This stuff would probably be considered trash (except the matchbox I’m sure) but I put it all in a plastic baggie and will eventually add it to the album i’m planning of all our improvements projects for this house – my scrapbook version of the YHL blog :)

    • says

      Good question! I can’t remember if we tried to mail them back to the original owners at one point or if we kept them in a folder somewhere… will have to look around!


  11. cam says

    A quick Facebook search finds a Lisa Pollay who lives in Virginia. She’s probably the person you should try to contact!

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