Finding A Discounted Sink For Our Kitchen Renovation

Making over the kitchen meant that we had to say bye bye bye to our old farmhouse sink in favor of a sleeker undermount stainless steel model. We loved our old one for its depth (9″ is more than enough space to hide loads of dirty dishes) but this new double bowl undermount stainless version (also 9″ deep) will look fantastic with our swank granite countertops and the heck-of-a-deal faucet I won on eBay yesterday.

stainless kitchen sink

Similar models sell for about $250+ at places like Lowe’s and Home Depot, but thanks to my new superpower (finding great deals online) I scored it for $163 on (with free shipping!). I even hit up Google for a coupon code which ended up saving me an additional five beans. Hey, every little bit counts.


  1. Nicole says

    Anyone have problems with an undermount sink? I’m trying to talk my husband into one when we replace our kitchen counters this summer, but he thinks there could be leak issues? Somehow I dont think so but try telling a man that he’s wrong ;)

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Nicole,

      We’re happy to report that we’ve experienced no issues with our undermount sink in the last year+ that we’ve had it. They really seem to be the wave of the future in kitchen design (it’s much easier to sweep food and crumbs right in without having to worry about stuff collecting around the raised edge of a sink) so we really have enjoyed the increased functionality that ours has brought to our new kitchen. Hope it helps!


  2. Andrew says

    I’d also recommend MR Direct

    They are a small outfit in Ohio that make great products without all the added cost from overhead and branding.

    I was hesitant when I first found them online. I thought they were an outlet store that sold damaged or refurbished sinks, so I called them up directly and spoke to them. It turned out they are just a company that believes in word-of-mouth advertising and selling their better products at great cost. You won’t find them at HD or Lowes but you also won’t have to pay their mark-up.

    We took a chance and were not disappointed. We bought our stainless undermount for $75 last summer for our kitchen redo and love it! Still looks great over 1 year later…


  3. Amy Stuart says

    I also recommend MR Direct. We redid our hall bath last year and wanted Kohler white porcelain rectangular sinks we had seen in a magazine. It’s a double vanity and the sinks alone were going to be $600+ together. We found the exact same thing at MR Direct for $145 for both with shipping. They are great and you’d never know they aren’t a brand name sink.

  4. Bridgit says

    Do you all remember the brand name of the sink you purchased and are you still happy with it? We are thinking of some single bowl undermount versions. Also, we are going back and forth between purchasing painted wood cabinets and Thermofoil. We keep hearing that white Thermofoil cabinets yellow in a couple of years. Have you had any issues with this?

    • says

      We just remember where we got it (mentioned in this post) but sadly don’t know the actual name. But we love it. As for the Thermofoil, our extremely informative and expertly knowledgeable kitchen designer recommended it and we’re so glad she did. No yellowing whatsoever and we’re almost to year three. Hope it helps!


  5. says

    We did a similar project, purchasing our undermount sink with a Lowe’s coupon. We saved a little, but like to see the models first and purchase in person. But either way, really liked the completed project.

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