Girl in a Bubble

Sherry Behind Plastic

To prep for the wall guys coming this week, we had to cover a bunch of our stuff with plastic to protect it from all the drywall and brick dust that their wall-cutting was going to kick-up. Since it’s a 3 or 4 day process, we created a little “living bubble” for ourselves in the meantime, complete with a computer and a TV. We just used some painter’s tape and an inexpensive plastic tarp from Lowe’s to keep dust at bay (that stuff will get everywhere if you don’t take precautions). Trust us, the taped tarp was totally worth our while, and it kept us a bit more comfortable in the middle of the chaos that is renovation.

Here’s Sherry showing off our temporary safety zone.


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    I love it! I read that someone else checked out your blog beginning so I thought I’d drop in. We had to do a similar thing with our kitchen when we primed our entire house. We had floor to ceiling white primer on EVERYTHING except the kitchen. Thankfully we still had an apartment in the meantime!

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