Fab Freebie: Finger Lookin’ Good

This week’s giveaway is not only available worldwide, but it actually comes from the other side of the globe! Two sisters from Singapore founded Fictive Fingers, where they combine original illustrations, traditional art techniques, and simple construction methods to produce small edition fabric goods. From bold pillows to simple sling bags, they used water-based and eco-friendly inks to print their designs on a variety of items (many of which you can shop for by supporting their Pozible Project). So this week, someone’s gonna score a $250 gift card to get their fingers on these beauties.

Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter (it might take a second to load, but it should eventually pop up below this paragraph). This giveaway is available worldwide!

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  1. says

    Thank you so much for all your work and the inspiration you offer to total strangers, even from another part of the world(France speaking here). And thanks for trying to include international giveaways even if I never win ^^


  2. Claire says

    What fantastic products and such a generous giveaway. I’m keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for this one!

  3. stephanie says

    Where/when do you post the winners of the giveaways? Or do you simply notify the winner privately? For some reason I keep missing it! Thanks!

    • says

      The Rafflecopter box will display the winner, so if you come back to this post you’ll see the winner in the box. We email the winner as well, but sometimes that goes to spam, so we also try to link up to this post on Thurs/Fri post as a reminder to see if you’re da BIG WINNAH!


  4. Andrea says

    Wow! Very, very cool giveaway (double plus cool for being international as well!). Congrats to YHL for supporting small businesses such as this and introducing them to your readers – I’ve just been over and supported their Pozible project. Of course big congrats to Fictive Fingers for their initiative and ethos. Love the designs. Thanks from Melbourne Australia.

  5. Trina says

    What a great giveaway! And can I just say thank you for making your giveaways so simple to enter. I’m sick of jumping though so many liking/following/tweeting hoops just to have a one-in-thousands chance to win something. THANKS!

  6. Michelle D. says

    I have a question in regards to the winner of the giveaways. I know you mention that it should pop up in the rafflecopter box listing the winner, but for some reason nothing is showing on the giveaway about Domino Magazine (from last week). I checked all throughout the weekend and nothing… Who’s the winner? And why won’t it pop up on that post? It just says the contest is over..I probably didn’t win, but a girl needs to know for sure! Please help :)

  7. Syl says

    Worldwide raffle!!! yeah!!!
    And I’m a slave to textiles… so thank you thank you thank you for helping me discover a new source of fabulous textiles, even if I don’t win…

    If course, I *do* want to win you know ;-)

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