Fab Freebie: A Cultivated Kitchen

***This giveaway is now closed – see who won below!***

Sorry for the hit-and-miss quiz taking y’all. Apparently you guys enjoy a good quiz as much as we do! Anyways, the lucky (random) winner this week is… Kate Bateman (who was able to get a quiz result and said her “Traditional” diagnosis was almost spot on). Congrats!

I bet most of you guys spent a fair amount of time in the kitchen over the last few days, and if it had you yearning to make some changes in there, you’ve stumbled onto the right giveaway. The folks behind some of our favorite stores (West Elm, Williams-Sonoma, and Pottery Barn) have a sister site chock full of kitchen inspiration called Cultivate. In addition to photo galleries, expert advice, and a blog, they’ve also got one of our favorite ways to kill a few minutes: a Find Your Style quiz. Just pick your favorite between 10 pairs of photos and get ready for your diagnosis. And to help you put your kitchen prescription into action, they’re giving one of you a $200 gift card to use at Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, or West Elm. Sweet. Update: We hear the quiz is still running very slowly/crashing. Looks like Cultivate wasn’t quite ready for all of you quiz-loving folks. So sorry about that, guys!

  • PRIZE: A $200 gift card to West Elm, Williams-Sonoma, or Pottery Barn courtesy of Cultivate
  • TO ENTER: Comment on this post with the words “CULTIVATE ME!” and tell us…
  • BONUS QUESTION: …if you were lucky enough to get through and take the quiz without it crashing, what was your result? Was it accurate? Somewhere in the middle? Did it surprise you? I was shocked that my result (Contemporary) suggested a non-white kitchen. And if you can’t get through, we’re so sorry it’s running slowly/crashing!
  • GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Wednesday, Nov 28th at 8pm EST or at 10,000 entries (whichever comes first)
  • PRIZE SHIPS: We always beg every vendor to ship internationally but some companies are not legally able to vend things beyond the US (more on that here). This giveaway is open to The United States.
  • USUAL STUFF: One entry per e-mail address is permitted. The winner will be selected using random.org and announced on Thursday as an update to this post. That’s right, come right back here on Thursday for the announcement of our winner. Good luck…
  • ***COMMENT ISSUES? If you’re trying to enter but keep getting a “duplicate comment” warning, click here to see how to solve it!

Note: We aren’t paid or perked for hosting these giveaways, we just do ‘em to thank you awesome folks for stopping in. See our Giveaway FAQ page for more info. Pics courtesy of Cultivate.


  1. Eugenie says


    Quiz wouldn’t work for me, but I’m always trying to land on a style. Would love to walk into my kitchen and feel peace!

  2. Sarah says


    I too scored contemporary… not sure if I agree too much. I thought I would land somewhere in modern/eclectic.

  3. Elizabeth says

    CULTIVATE ME!!! Tried to take the quiz, but the link wouldn’t connect. I’m sure the quiz will come out like most and give me a partially correct response that hits some things I like, but will be way off in other ways. Looking forward to taking it though.

  4. Rachel says

    CULTIVATE ME, please of course! I also tried to take it, but too busy. I’ll keep trying. Hope you had the best Thanksgiving!

  5. Michelle says

    CULTIVATE ME!! Planning on redoing out kitchen in January and I’ve got some things I’d love to buy from all these stores!! I took the quiz and was contemporary too. Not sure if I agree with that one!

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