House Crashing: Where Soft Meets Bold

Yay! We finally went through over 1,000 photos that we snapped during our ATL adventure and we cobbled together the first of a few House Crashing posts for ya. This one is all thanks to Jae, who lives in the Atlanta area, and invited us over to snoop around and take some pics. Her house is an awesome example of embracing color and boldness in some spaces, while balancing it with light and airy rooms. Such a fun mix. So without further ado, let’s get crashing…

Look, here’s Jae to welcome us in. She could not have been sweeter in person. We were laughing the whole time we were there (Katie B came too and we all chatted like old friends). And you know we loved her yellow door!

When you step into the foyer, there’s a boldly painted dining room on the left, with bright patterned curtains and lots of cheerful art. This house totally “happies you up” the second you step inside. And the black and white striped rug mixed with those black frames was such a fun play with all of the white trim and beadboard going on as well. See, Jae is all about the mix.

Here’s another shot of her gorgeous dining room, complete with a dining set that she found on craigslist (she painted and upholstered the chairs herself)!

I told you this girl has a great sense of humor. We laughed so hard when we saw “House Crashed!” written on her chalkboard in honor of our arrival.

I was in love with all of the over-sized glass vases that Jae had collected over time and sprinkled throughout her house (some with fresh and free branches from outside). Now we’re in the eating nook of her soothing and serene kitchen. I could totally have sat down and helped myself to some tea and biscoti. But I resisted in the name of chatting up Jae to learn more about her house while John snapped away in the background.

Here’s the other side of the kitchen, complete with glass fronted cabinets, pretty flecked granite counters…

… and the most gorgeous mosaic marble tile for the backsplash. Seriously I petted it. Couldn’t. Help. Myself.  And perhaps my favorite decision in the entire space was the black window sash. It was STUNNING in person. This awesome shot of drama in a serene and airy space. In other words: momma likey.

Here’s a shot of the peninsula area with industrial stools, a stainless range hood, and pretty corner shelves for all of Jae’s pretty things.

Off of the kitchen was this laundry room/pantry (the left wall had floating shelves that were so handy for kitchen leftovers like dishes and bottled drinks and stuff). And check out that clothespin chandelier inspired by ours. We totally blushed. It was an awesome little room. And for those with wood trim, we were happy to see it here- so you can see how wood trim looks nice with other wood-colors accents (like the wooden clothespins that make up the light and the wood-toned woven basket on that shelf on the left).

Speaking of dark trim, Jae’s living room actually had dark brick, and original wood trim along with a wood fireplace surround! Again we were happy to see it since so many homes we crash seem to have white trim going on. This space definitely still felt crisp and welcoming while also being cozy and warm. And Jae talked to me and Katie about poly-staining the wood (so it’s all a richer tone, like dark walnut) since her husband doesn’t want to paint it. Sounds awesome, right? Here’s hoping she keeps us posted! Oh and that pretty mirror above the fireplace is from Ross and the next item on Jae’s to-do list is to replace that fan.

This is my favorite detail of the living room, since everything from the cork-filled glass lamp to the pop of blue in the purse and pouf (from Joss and Main) made me smile. Oh and the console/desk is from Target.

Now let’s make our way upstairs to the serene and completely welcoming bedroom. Isn’t it like a breath of fresh air? Jae and her husband added the wainscoting to the back wall to ground the bed, which was actually free! Yup, she traded her old bed with a friend who liked hers better since she preferred this sleigh bed that her friend owned. Talk about a smart trade. I loved that. And see that skirted table next to the bed? Totally a cheap-o thrift store table that she and her mom slipcovered for a nice elegant look. You’d never guess a tired old table is hiding under there.

And once again, being true to her playful side, I loved that Jae used ornaments as monograms to mark her side of the bed and her husband’s.

Oh and this is a sneak peek into the master bathroom that they’re still in the middle of renovating (here’s hoping she sends pics when they’re all done). We couldn’t take a panned out shot of the room since it was half-done, but we convinced Jae to let us share this detail since that double sink is actually a dresser that her hubby converted into a vanity by adding two sinks and faucets along with a slab of granite to the top. Can’t wait to see how the whole room turns out!

So a huge thanks goes out to Jae, for so graciously letting us snoop around and snap pictures to share with you guys! You can see more of Jae’s awesome house on her blog. But first let’s play the what’s-your-favorite-part-game. Mine is totally that black window sash in the kitchen and the charming come-hither laundry room (yes, in person it basically seduced me). And John can’t get over their amazing kitchen and that awesome double sink that they DIYed.

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  1. cathy says

    “Off of the kitchen was this laundry room/panty”… WHAT!?!?!?! I totally lost the train of thought there. I had to re-read the whole post! made me laugh, though. Out Loud. At work. Love her pretty house btw, and the ornaments in the room. Sooooooo stealing that!

  2. Kim W Rily says

    You said “Off of the kitchen was this laundry room/panty ”
    Panty! tee-hee. :)

    Goes right up there with peeing your pants. :)

  3. Whitney says

    I love it! Now I know who is scooping all the good Atlanta area Craigslist posts before I can! :) Haha, just kidding.

    Serious LOVE for this house!

  4. Elizabeth says

    Love, love, love seeing someone not afraid of adding serious color to their house! You’re description is so right on–“it just happies you up!”

  5. cappy says

    Beautiful home…would love to know the exact color she has for her outside door. Yellow can be so tricky and she got it right on the mark!

  6. Mila says

    Was the sash something they painted?? I’m really loving that look! I have a window just like that with white sash that I’m dying to paint black!

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