Reader Redesign: Media Magic

Is there anything better than a beautiful, functional, and DIY-ed piece of furniture? Arguably yes (a free car full of money?), but not much. So we loved getting Kim & Scott’s email about the built-in media wall that they constructed with a couple of friends. Not only was it custom built to perfectly fit the space, it saved them at least $450 (many similar units go for $750+ and theirs was $252 to build). Here’s Kim and Scott’s letter:

We started out with a very green accent wall, and over time we began to layer in a few new pieces to the living room (a shaggy rug, a Craigslist coffee table, etc). After said changes, we grew weary of the bold wall and figured that if we were going to change the wall color – what the heck! – we should just create a whole new media wall. Of course, right?

So with the help of some friends in another state, our road-tripping wall made it’s way back to Chicago where she was finished up, styled, and enjoyed. We have a tiny city condo, and the media center, although much larger than our last one, actually saves space, looks built in, and completes our room. Thank you for continuing to inspire with your many projects – large and small! -xx, Kim & Scott

Isn’t that awesome? We love the flip-down wood drawers and the perfectly customized shelves (and you know Sherry’s sweating that yellow ceramic horse – that’s a jersey term that she taught me by the way). Thanks for sharing Kim and Scott! For more photos or to learn more about the process of creating their built-in, check out their blog. This is just the kick in the butt that we need to upgrade our own media cabinet situation. As soon as we get a bit more accomplished in our counter-less kitchen…


  1. says

    Love it! I sweat the whole wall so hard. Sherry – I grew up in MD but we used to use the term sweat/sweating all the time. Especially when it came to boys!

    • says

      I’m from MD too and I totally sweat YHL. The best thing about YHL is Sherry doesn’t mind that we’re all sweating her style. =)

    • Jenn says

      I’m from Maryland too and I was going to comment the same thing: it’s not just a NJ thing!

      I actually live in St. Louis now with my husband and he continually makes fun of me that I made “sweating” up so thanks for the sweet vindication! ;)

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    It looks so good, though I loved the green wall too. This is the first time that I’ve seen a reader redesign of a blog I already read! Makes me feel all up with the times, ha! That won’t last long. :)

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    What an awesome idea to build their own custom built-in unit for their TV. We have a 15 month old who was getting a bit to handsy with our TV and we too recently were trying to figure out what media console/center might work well for a toddler and a small-ish home. We finally decided on a buffet from the Pottery Barn Outlet. We didn’t feel we could build something with all of the features we were hoping to have, so we saved and bit the bullet last week. We love the piece we purchased, but sure wish it cost $450 instead of $700. Oh well, it’s a well built piece that can serve many purposes in the future. (Get it? Serve…because it’s a buffet! Sorry, I had to.) Thanks for sharing this. It’s great inspiration for future TV dilemmas.

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