Mood Board Making: French + Modern = Eclectic

This week’s kitchen mood board is a mix of charming french-inspired accents and clean modern touches for an easy collected over time feeling that’s anything but cookie cutter:

1. The color palette for this imaginary room is all about navy-ish charcoal tones, deep pistachio hues, soft blue grays, and antique whites. We’d love to see the walls get a coat or two of artichoke-chic paint (which you see represented by that large rectangle of green at the top of the board) – try Benjamin Moore’s Sesame 381. The cabinets in the kitch could remain wood or white (either would work with this scheme) but you could also paint them an antique white tone and even add a bit of aging glaze to get that weathered french feeling for extra credit.

2. This deeply discounted table just oozes Parisian elegance, and when paired with these affordable pistachio and wood-toned chairs (which would tie into wood cabinets if you’ve got those) it makes for a nice casual yet cohesive mixed & matched effect.

3. We love the idea of adding in some crisp modern pieces to keep the whole look from feeling too obvious or themey, and this $149 lotus flower pendant would look so pretty hanging over the table.

4. Antique bronze or hammered gold curtain rods with ring hooks would really add to the polished but casual vibe, and these breezy (and totally budget friendly) smoky blue-gray curtains would introduce some nice moody ambiance.

5. Fun little modern pops of color in the form of accessories like this cute electric water kettle would be oh so charming on any countertop.

6. This stunning little runner started it all (it’s the first item that I found, which inspired the rest of the board). I love how elegant and polished it is. It’s a nice balance of french-inspired pretty (thanks to the sheen and the delicate dots) and modern cool (thanks to the dark food-friendly hue and the geometric pattern).

7. This cute little antique white cabinet (on clearance!) would work so well with the round table and I’m obsessed with the shape of those glass cut outs in the doors.

8. The concept for this room is really all about the mix, so I searched high and low for a pendant light (just $49!) that could be hung over the sink (heck, two or three of them could even be hung over an island or peninsula). I wanted something that could be layered into the same room with the lotus pendant that I found for over the table. They definitely don’t “match” but I can picture them happily coexisting in a space like this for that certain je ne sais quoi.

So there you have it. An imaginary kitchen makeover that I’m still daydreaming about. Anyone out there with a penchant for french-inspired decor and antique white? Or a craving for artichoke colored walls?

Psst- Looking for oodles of mood boards? Search them by color or by room right here.


  1. says

    I wish we had a place in our house for another pendant light, because I’ve been loving the lotus flower pendants lately! I’ve been considering the idea of taking the ceiling fan out of our art room, but we live in Florida…

  2. says

    Ha!! You seriously just re-did my kitchen/dining area! I have been in the process of “taking out the red” in my house. (I had lots of red and I don’t love it anymore!) I have recently been adding in lime greens and light blues. I have a file cabinet that I am planning on adding legs to. (And was even before I saw the re-do on your page, now I just have a better idea on how to go about it!) Thanks so much for posting these ideas! I love the mood board!

  3. says

    A style quiz once told me I was “French Eclectic”. To be honest I have no idea what that means but I like this mood board! I think the internet is trying to tell me something…

  4. Amanda V says

    Oh my! The lotus pendant is the rage in Germany right now! They are in a lot of rental apartments and the Americans hate them!

    A lot of them remove the pendant and replace them! So glad to see you two have created such a beautiful mood board with that pendant! I’m definitely going to ask our friends over here if I can have their discarded lotus pendant!

    Beautiful mood board!

  5. says

    I agree with Amanda @ Our Humble A{Bowed}. The IKEA Knappa pendant would be a great alternative and they just introduced an 18″ version for only $34.99. It doesn’t come hardwired but you can buy a hardwired pendant canopy at Lowe’s for about $10. Thats what I did in my dining area and it makes such a statement. Always the first thing people compliment when they visit.

  6. Angela says

    I really like this mood board. Especially since I I just bought a set a chairs like the one you have pictured from Pier 1 on a complete whim because they were on clearance. I was starting to think I made a big mistake but this mood board shows me they could work. My wheels are turning.

  7. Courtney says

    I also wanted to say that I really love the new mood board concept. I still think that offering custom mood boards is a nice option, but you have so many now that it really isn’t that difficult to put things together ourselves. It definitely helps to see how you would put together a room from scratch rather than modify it based on someone’s space and taste. Your blog has really helped me focus on the bigger picture for a nice and cohesive look rather than just a few items.

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