House Crashing: Lovely In LA

When Jaime of Prudent Baby sent us photos of her gorgeous Los Angeles home to woo us out her way for a House Crashing adventure we were so there. Except for the whole newborn thing. So we decided to virtually crash her pad instead. Here’s the charming exterior- isn’t it sweet?

And look, here are the lovely homeowners now: Jaime, her husband Carleton and their sweet daughter Scarlet.

But enough fresh air, let’s get inside. Check out the adorable homemade silhouettes of the family (including the dog) hanging by the door. And the stunning distressed wood chest by the window was scored for $35 at a flea market. Just beyond that space is a small breakfast room with a chair for relaxing and a mini kitchen for Scarlet.

Then we have the actual kitchen, which is open to the sunny breakfast room on one end and the dining room on the other. The glass cabinet door fronts keep things feeling open and less heavy than solid wood ones would. And we love that orange mixer in the corner- so sunny and fun.

Here’s the adjoining dining area that looks lively, eclectic and oh so posh. We love that Jaime found the mirror frame on clearance for $15 at Home Goods (and had a mirror cut to fit the inside). And she hunted down more affordable Louis Ghost chairs on eBay.

Here’s the living room which again is full of eclectic finds and a mix of posh pieces and thrift store rescues. We love the splash of color in the sofa and the fact that the room is actually super lived in (as demonstrated by the plethora of books in those bookcases and the basket under the side table full of Scarlet’s toys).

One of the coolest features in the living room is a large gray tone-on-tone cabinet (which Jaime stalked until it went on clearance from Anthropologie). Not only does it lend tons of storage and style, we love how much height and dimension it adds to the white wall next to that large picture window.

And because we couldn’t resist sharing the gray cabinet from another angle, here you go:

You may notice a small office in the background that Jaime was able to work in thanks to using some light and airy pieces that don’t feel too heavy for the corner of the room:

Here’s the crisp and inviting guest bathroom complete with a little stool for Scarlet that Jaime craftily DIYed. We love how open the room feels thanks to the glass shower door and the mirrored backsplash that was added to the built-in across from the pedestal sink.

Next we have the dramatic master bedroom complete with another DIY project (yup, Jaime whipped up that headboard herself!). And we love how she chose an unapologetic lush red tone for the walls to play off the inky blue headboard fabric for a cheerful yet surprisingly high end result. Doesn’t it feel like a boutique hotel in there?

And here we have the master bathroom which is pretty much always flooded with light (oh LA, does the sun ever set there?). We also adore the great handheld shower (it has such a chic vintage feeling) and of course that DIYed yellow stool (a thrift store rescue covered in Dwell pillowcase fabric) paired with the clawfoot tub. And the gorgeous marble hex floor is totally speaking our language. Who’s in the mood for a bath now? Just me? Come on, I can’t be the only one.

And here we have one of the most cheerful and fun places in the house- it’s little Scarlet’s nursery. We love that Jaime took on a ton of homemade projects in here (from the crocheted pennant garlands to the window treatments and even the spray painted Ikea mirror above the bed). We can only imagine how much Scarlet loves her special space.

And because we know you guys love a source list, here you go (be sure to follow all the links that say “DIYed” back to Jaime’s blog for more info):

Living room- blue chair: Anthropologie sale find, white chair: Jonathan Adler store display chair, Ikat pelmets: DIYed, orange bench: Pottery Barn, blue couch: The Dock Downtown, coffee table: Platner, lucite console used as desk: CB2, Eames chair: Modernica, gray cabinet: Anthropologie clearance sale, honeycomb end table: Anthropologie, brown leather/white wood chair: Jonathan Adler sample from eBay, pelmets: homemade with eBay fabric, painting above desk: LACMA Art Rental and Sales Gallery (rented for 8 yrs and finally paid off). Dining room/kitchen- mirror: $15 Homegoods frame with new mirror added, wire C Jere sculpture: ebay, buffet: Fairfax flea market, dining table: Brocade Home, Louis Ghost chairs: eBay, dining chairs: Wisteria, little cabinet: from a furniture mart (I added fabric to the doors), captain’s wheel: Melrose Flea Market. Entryway/Breakfast nook- cameo plates: DIYed, bird embroidered chair: Anthropologie sale item, play kitchen – Kidcraft from Costco. Nursery- rocking chair: Nurseryworks sleepytime chair, crib: WalMart, bookshelf: Oeuf Mini-Library, spray painted frame: from Ikea, pelmets: DIYed with Ikea fabric, pom pom curtains: DIYed, crib sheets: DIYed w/ Alexander Henry fabric, leather pouf: Calypso, crochet pennant garland: DIYed. Master bedroom- headboard: DIYed with Otomi fabric from eBay, end tables: West Elm, pillowcases: DIYed. Bathrooms- remixed thrift store find, Indian-style-print roman shades from World Market, kids stepstool: DIYed, matryoshka tray: DIYed.

So there you have it, a stunning Los Angeles haven full of clearance finds, eBay scores and homemade projects galore. Thanks so much for inviting us into your gorgeous home to snoop around Jaime! Oh and feel free to check out her new book since she so generously allowed us to poke around her home. Now let’s play a game we like to call what’s-your-favorite-part? We’re torn between that giant gray on gray cabinet in the living room and the sweet homemade silhouettes in the entryway. And that nursery. So sweet…

Psst- We’re always on the hunt for a mouthwatering house (or ten) to crash, so if you or anyone you know has a casa that’s feature-ready just shoot us an email along with some photos of the space and if we’re ever in the neighborhood we’ll be sure to drop in.


  1. says

    They have the same crib as you guys! One I’ve been eyeing myself! :) BTW, how do you guys like the crib? One of the reviews said that their feet sometimes bump into the drawer. Does that ever happen?

  2. Jamie says

    gorgeous and hip. I love their style. Is it possible to get some paint colors as well? I couldn’t find them in the source list. I particularly love the living room wall color.

  3. Miranda says

    My favorite crash, so far, I think! I love the eclectic, but comfortable feel of the whole house. Especially digging the blue sofa, nearly imperceptible desk, and what’s wiry-looking contraption on the dining room wall? Love that!

  4. says

    I’m completely in love with that sofa and the bathroom.

    What are the doodads on the dining room wall– fire escapes with laundry hanging from them? I’m sorry not to see them a little closer.

  5. Lena says

    LOVE the living room and the bedroom. By far the hippest house you have featured yet – very eclectic. Love it! Thanks.

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