You all know that I love our dog Burger, but you probably don’t know that I was originally a cat person. From my love of tigers as a kid to taking care of my cat Casper through high school, I’ve always had a preference for felines… until I met Sherry and her cat allergies (which resulted in a compromise of sorts: a cat-sized dog).

But there’s good news. I’ve FINALLY convinced Sherry to let me bring a cat home. And she doesn’t even have to worry about getting itchy eyes or a scratchy throat because the kitties we’ve got our eyes on are these awesome cat lampshades from Lamps Plus. We just need your help when it comes to picking the perfect illuminated furball.


So which do you think is the purr-fect choice? The Sleeping Kittens Pendant, the Laundry Cat Table Lamp or the Cat & Butterfly Swag Chandelier? It’s a painfully hard decision because they’re all so amazing. If only we had room for the whole litter!  Or should we just employ the trusted eeny-meeny-miny-meow technique?

Oh, and by the way, we’re totally kidding. Happy April Fool’s Day!

Images courtesy of Lamps Plus, which does actually have a great selection of normal lamps too.


  1. Emily says

    Ok, I admit it, you had me for a second. My first thought was “man, they usually have such good taste!” LOL

  2. Kim says

    OMG! You totallly had me going there for a second! I thought, “there is no way Sherry him have a lamp shade like that”! Thanks for the laugh this morning :-)

  3. Terri says

    How funny! I was going to comment and say, “NONE, THEY’RE ALL AWFUL!!!!!”

    Very clever, you two.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Glad you’re enjoying our little bit of fun this April 1st. There’s just so much, um, questionable design out there we couldn’t resist.

      And Nicole, no cat for us. Sherry truly does have cat allergies so, unless we got one of those fancy hypoallergenic breeds, I’d be torturing her by bringing a cat home. So now I just consider myself a cat person wannabe.


  4. Lisa says

    We all know if you wanted a cat in the house all you’d have to do is find one made out of white ceramic ;)

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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