Love The Home You’re With


We’ve often been accused of loving our house more than some of our family members, but in today’s soft real estate market, many people who are less than enamored with their home and itching to sell are feeling the squeeze to stick it out until the market improves. And a recent article in Money magazine caught our attention by pointing out how futile it can be to loath your current home in this “spectacularly lousy time to put your place on the market.” The article went on to encourage people to embrace their current home and make specific changes to create their dream home instead of attempting to sell their home with sale prices down

The After Party


On Tuesday, Annastazia proved that we’re not the only ones around here with great before & after photos of their home. So I know lots of ears will perk up when I tell you that now there’s a way for your before & after pics to help a worthy cause (and maybe even earn you a little reward to the tune of a $50 gift card). One Project Closer – a blog chronicling the home improvement adventures of two Baltimore, MD couples – is hosting a blogging event this summer called Before & After ’08. You can read more about it by clicking here, but here’s the gist: Readers submit stories and photos of their

Burning Question: An Open Relationship?


We’re back with yet another burning question for you guys. And it has to do with open, common areas vs. separate, private spaces. Do you prefer an office with walls and a door, or a desk in the corner of a family room? What about when it comes to washing and drying? Do you favor a room devoted solely to laundry, or a laundry corner in a den or other informal family room that facilitates relaxing between loads and folding while watching some tube? Here’s a rarely seen angle of our very own den. You can see that we created a laundry nook a few feet away from our seating area in the foreground and

Pardon Me, Do You Have Any Grey Poupon?


I don’t think you’d be able to stomach any such mustard after one peep at this Reader Redisign sent in by Annastazia. But before we get to the stomach churning before, here’s her letter: Hi John and Sherry- I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and am so envious of both your talent and your ranch home! Stairs and second levels are overrated if you ask me. I thought you should know that your bedroom design totally inspired me when I was stuck about what to do with our own bedroom. With low angled ceilings that slope as low as four feet from the ground and very small rooms, furniture placement and design

America At (Our) Home


Our post back in May about the IKEA-sponsored “America at Home” project ended up catching the attention of Will Allen and the Rick Smolan, who co-authored the project’s coffee table book. Next thing we knew, we had our very own copy of “America at Home” arriving at our door. We even got to design a custom cover using a photo from our own backyard wedding. Check it out… And as excited as we were about our custom cover, we were also really excited to peruse all 200+ pages documenting the many ways that Americans live (from farmhouse to penthouse and everything in between). We eat that stuff up. After all, we are a couple that