Up Close & Personal

Ok, enough people mentioned that they wanted to see some of the photo collage items up close, so here they are. First of all, how cute was my man as a little man?

Baby John

And now for the other open-mouthed shot. This time I’m the one catching flies:

Baby Sherry

Here’s a close up of the vintage Richmond map (found across the country at a Portland flea market by a friend):

Richmond map

And here’s that funny article about the insane popularity of weddings on 7/7/07 (sent to us a few days after our July 7th wedding by my dad):

July Seventh Article

And last, but certainly not least, an amazing photo of my father as an angst-ridden teenager, taken in 1964:

Dad Pic



  1. YoungHouseLove says

    The funny thing is that we each own only one 8×10 photo of ourselves as a baby, and we just happen to be open-mouthed in both of them. Hopefully our little ones won’t be screamers too- although judging by the photos we may be in for some major noise someday…


  2. says

    These are really some great photos with many memories. I love when people display personal photos like these in their homes. It really gives your home that extra personal touch. The picture of your father is awesome, it gave me a great idea for some photos that I have from when my father was young. He is not with us anymore so this project will be extra special. Thanks for sharing the great ideas and letting us get into some personal photos.

    • Allyson says

      I was thinking the same thing (and going back through the archive posts as well). I’ve seen plenty of pictures of Clara on the site that look just like that. It’s amazing how much she looks like you, Sherry. Maybe baby bean will be the spitting image of John!

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