Nailed It: Creating A Gallery Wall In The Guest Room

Thanks to some strategically placed nails, we finally got our little guest bedroom frame project up on that blank wall. And we were pretty happy with the result:


But from the moment we got the last frame hung we knew we wanted more. So, as you probably guessed, we darted out to Target one more time to pick up a few more frames.

Once home, I barely had time to put down my keys before Sherry had four new frames beautifully arranged on the wall. (She later admitted to creating some trial-and-error nail holes behind some of the frames in the process). Hopefully you’ll agree it looks much better with the new additions.


And what’s in those new frames? Well, we went with the “history” theme established by that vintage Richmond map and decided to dig up some old family photos. Here’s a close up:


Those two 8×10 frames feature baby portraits of Sherry and I (both with our big mouths wide open). One of the 5×7 has a pic of my momma walking my chubby baby body down the beach, and the other has the coolest b&w pic of Sherry’s dad from 1964.

We’re totally digging the growing wall of frames, and now we’re both itching to COMPLETELY fill the wall up over time… so I guess there will be more updates to come as we continue to do just that.


  1. YoungHouseLove says

    So glad you guys like the pics. We’re usually such balanced, symmetrical people when it comes to framing, but just using frames in the same color really unifies an asymmetrical arrangement- and it’s really fresh and interesting, your eyes never stop moving around from one picture to the next. Stay tuned for updates as we slowly add more and more items to our new “gallery”.


  2. says

    Altho I didn’t get this idea here (it magically appeared in my head) I thought I would share this idea to the next level. Pix on my webpage.

  3. Rae says

    You have such a lovely house. I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate you sharing what you’ve done. It’s inspiring, and it makes me smile. May you two find as much happiness as you’ve brought to others. Be well!

  4. Denaye says

    I am planning on doing one of these frame collages and originally was going to put it on the wall that backs my kitchen but me and my husband cannot decide on a piece of art for above our couch so I was thinking of doing it there instead. Is that a bad idea? Is it better to have 1 large piece as the focal point of the living/dining room? Also if it is ok.. should all the frames be the same color as I have already started framing pics I was going to do in different colors. Thanks!

    • says

      Hey Denaye,

      This arrangement would look great over a couch! We say go for it. And as for the different colors, it can have a great collected look, which is always appealing. Good luck!


  5. wendy says

    Ok…I dont know if you’ll ever even get this since I dont know if you check comments on old posts, but I had to tell you guys that your “P” picture in the entryway (from the magazine tutorial…remember?) was so awesome I used it to make a proposal to my boyfriend! We have talked about getting married blah blah blah so I thought I would surprise him and I made a word doc using that article-format and just typed him a letter telling him all the things I love about him. The letter P happens to be the first in his last name, so matted and framed, it looks a lot like yours! and at the end I pop the question…I’ll let ya know how it goes!
    Thanks for sharing your fun, creative and inspiring ideas!

  6. Samantha says

    Love your arrangement! Can you please tell me the size of all your frames and the size of pictures inside the frames? I would like to so a similar arrangement. Thx!

    • says

      Here’s an approximation for you: one 5 x 7 frame, two 4 x 6 frames, one 4 x 2 frame, two 12 x 8 frames, one 8 x 8 frame. Hope it helps! Happy hanging.


  7. Elizabeth says

    I know this is such a weird question, but did you switch which wall the frames were on to the opposite side of the room?
    (Also, thank you for your archives, it’s been the perfect excuse not to study for my finals today!!)

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