Breaking The Mold

We promised more photos of our two guest bedrooms sporting their new crown molding, so here they are. First, we bring you the second bedroom, with crisp white three inch molding to swank things up:

Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom 2

And the third bedroom (also known as our old converted dining room) looks mighty fine with the same polished white molding adding some architecture:

Third Bedroom

Third Bedroom 2

But the real transformation took place in the master bedroom, with the addition of an 8 inch plank of wood that makes the wardrobes look like custom built ins. Stay tuned for the juicy reveal tomorrow. We can hardly wait…


  1. Karen says

    Do you realize how incredibly smart you are to turn your two bedroom home into a three bedroom home and you didn’t even lose the dining space because you made it work?! The trim is the crowning touch. Looks like it’s been there all along. Can’t wait to see the master bedroom tomorrow.

  2. Kristina says

    Wow!! I absolutely love your house and i wish you could come over and do what you did to yours. We are 25 and 29 and just bought our first house, but boy do we have the updating to do!!! I need tons of help. To start, did you paint your window sills? We have really nice pella windows in our house, but the sills and framing are all wood, I want to paint them white, but i am afraid. Any tips????

  3. YoungHouseLove says

    Hey Ladies,

    So glad you’re excited to see the master bedroom. We’ll post some pics in a little while…

    Congrats on your first home! We know from experience that it’s a super exciting time. I actually had the same issue as you when we got new windows. You think they’ll make everything look great, but they actually highlight dingy window trim and make it look bad! Nothing a little white semi-gloss paint can’t fix. One or two glossy coats will have your window sills and framing looking like new. No need to sand or anything, just be sure to get semi-gloss paint since flat paint is not as bright (or easy to clean). Hope that helps!


  4. AJ says

    Just browsing the YHL archives….
    Wondering what happened to that chair in the last pic on this post? I love the lines on it!
    Also, what are the approx dimensions of your clam shell vase? Is it really deep?
    Thanks & have a great weekend!

    • says

      Hey AJ,

      That was actually John’s sister’s chair that we were “house sitting” for a while since she was in the process of moving and building a new home. We did love it while it lasted though- and we reupholstered it with her a while later when it went back over to live at her new house (it was a bit worse for wear and discolored since it’s actually a true vintage piece). Here’s that link for ya:


  5. AJ says

    Oooh! I love the new fabric! Thanks for the handy tutorial…I have a dining room set in need of a facelift!

    About that funky clam shell vase of yours, what are the approx dimensions? I LOVE it!

    • says

      It’s actually from Z Gallerie (they still sell it, and we believe ours is the large size). It’s about 18″ by 10″ deep (you can probably find more exact measurements on their website). Hope it helps!


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