You asked, we answered. Without further ado, the scoop on all things us:

What’s the deal with this site? This was a personal/home-related blog where we shared whatever was going on in our house (the good, the bad, and the ugly) along with random family/life happenings. Welcome to our weird little world.

Are you guys interior designers or home improvement experts? Nope, we’re just regular people who loved to learn as we went and shared our adventures – and misadventures – right here on our blog. Back when we started this blog we hardly knew the difference between flat and semi-gloss paint, so these archives truly are trial and error at their finest.

How am I supposed to remember your weird blog name? It’s Young Love with a house in the middle. Literally.

Why did you guys start this blog? It was actually John’s idea to start a little blog to track the progress of our kitchen remodel for our friends and family back in 2007 (never thinking a single person outside of the family would tune in). You can read more of our story here.

Do you have any advice for growing my blog and gaining readers? In a nutshell we’d say that it was a combination of hard work and a series of lucky breaks. Here’s a page full of blogging FAQs that we’ve answered about everything from how we make money to what a day in the life is like. One of the most common questions we get is “what advice would you give someone who is looking to blog for a living?” We always laugh and say “don’t quit your day job!” It took us seven years of blogging and over 3,000 posts to get where we are today – so it’s definitely not a get-rich-quick method, but if you’re doing something you love, and you do it without expecting to make a dime, it’s amazing where it could lead over time if you stick with it!

Wait, you guys wrote a book? I know, we’re just as surprised as you are. After a few years of being approached by various agents and publishers we found the right fit and wrote a fun little DIY book that came out in the fall of 2012. Kind of crazy, huh? You can read more about it (and the entire behind-the-scenes process) here – and you can pick up our second book here.

What paint color is in your kitchen/bedroom/living room etc? Here’s a post about all the paint colors we’ve used in our current house so far (and here’s a rundown of all of the paint colors that we used in our second house, and a fun little room by room breakdown of our first house).

Where did you get your sofa/table/yellow rug? Here’s a room by room source list for nearly every item that we own.

Where did you get that portrait of your first house from? This question comes up a ton. Here’s that post.

Do you have a list of tools every DIYer should own? You can find the closest thing to that right here.

What if I have a question about painting furniture, refinishing something, or painting my cabinets? Here’s a post all about how to paint almost any piece of furniture,  here’s one about refinishing something, and here’s one about how to give your cabinets a new look with a coat of paint (please read the comments for even more info). You can also check out our Projects page for more tutorials.

What kind of camera do you guys use? Nearly every photo on the blog over the last few years was taken with our Nikon D3200 DSLR, which we talk more about right here.

Do you have a post about your favorite places to thrift/shop/eat/hang out/see in Richmond, VA? Here you go.

What are your favorite places to shop for rugs/pillows/lamps/sofas/dining tables, etc? Here’s a post about all of our favorite shopping sources listed by category.

Have you published a post about Clara’s birth story? Yup, that was a scary and miraculous day. Meanwhile, Teddy’s birth was blissfully uncomplicated. So thankful!

What’s up with those photos of your kids with their age & with fabric backdrops? With Clara, we photoshopped the onesie to make it look personalized, and we used clearance fabric from places like JoAnn and Hancock for the background. Here’s a link to all of our Clara pics, a post about how we do the photoshop work, and an update about the project. As for Teddy, here’s how we tweaked the project for him along with a year’s worth of photos.

How was cloth diapering? Good, Clara has been potty trained for a while but Teddy’s making good use of them! You can find the original post with all the washing/purchasing/routine-ish details here, and an updated how-it’s-going post here and here.

How did you make your mood boards? We made them in Adobe Photoshop (after bringing a bunch of our favorite items into Photoshop, we size ’em, cut them out, and add some numbers to create a handy dandy guide that correlates to our explanations). If you don’t have access to Photoshop, we’ve heard great things about OlioBoard, Polyvore and MyDeco so you might want to check those out.

What’s up with the button that says you support various causes on your sidebar? We’re thrilled to be able to support three of our favorite charities. This past year we made a donation of $1,000 to the Richmond Habitat For Humanity (along with donating our fee for designing a showhouse to them) and also donated $500 to The National Multiple Sclerosis Society and $500 to FeedMore (which supports hunger relief with initiatives like Meals On Wheels). We definitely encourage others to check them out – you can donate here, here, and here

Where did you guys meet? We met in NYC when we both worked at the same advertising agency and filmed a baby commercial together. What can we say, babies brought us together… and now we have two. We secretly dated until we moved to Virginia and got engaged. To this day our old coworkers still talk about how we “blew their minds” by revealing our relationship, and we laugh about all the times we almost got busted strolling through Central Park hand-in-hand.