Jagged Little Pillow Freebie Winner!

I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised by how many of your comments on this week’s giveaway were pro-pillow fight. Though I agree certain conditions (like who’s swinging, where they’re aiming and how heavy the pillow is) can make all the difference. Just promise us that any pillows won or purchased from Oliver Fabrics are treated less like weapons and more like the stylish accents that they are.

As you know, Oliver is giving away one pair of matching pillows featuring any of the fabrics on their entire site. And while we’re obviously not eligible for the prize, we’re looking forward to checking out their selection in person tonight at their new store in Richmond (5612 Grove Avenue, if you’re interested). Though you’ll have to promise to behave and not start any impromptu pillow battles… unless it’s the kind we’re you’re fighting over a favorite discounted fabric sample.

So who’s claiming the first prize of 2010? Well, after I wooed random.org with a mixed tape of jams from the Alanis era, it said we oughta know that our winner is… Nicole (for whom a normal pillow fight isn’t enough, she prefers them at hotels where jumping on the bed is also part of the equation). Congrats! Now for the difficult decision of picking your favorite fabric (don’t worry, you can pick two if you want to do a coordinating front and back design, that way it’s more like you get four free pillows and two totally different looks).

And try not to be too bummed if you didn’t win this time. Next week’s prize is pretty great too. It’s a little something that we fell in love with last year- so much so that we actually sent it to everyone on our Christmas card list. And next week a pair of you will score one for yourselves.

Get more info about our freebies on our Giveaway FAQs page. Pics courtesy of Oliver Fabrics.



Reader Redesign: Getting The Hang Of It

When Bethany sent over her simple yet oh so chic message board project we had to share the goods. Anyone can do this in an afternoon to add function and beauty to a kitchen, office, mudroom, or more. Here’s her letter:

Thank you so much for your upbeat positive attitudes and for all that you do to inspire creativity! I wanted to share a project that I completed a while back that was extremely simple, cheap and totally DIY. I think it’s a good fit for anyone who wants to feel more organized but doesn’t want to sacrifice style. I spray painted a garage sale picture frame and used leftover chalkboard paint to paint the glass insert of the frame with a few thick coats (then I waited a while before using it to be sure it was completely cured). You can check out more step by step instructions on my blog. Thanks again for the fun site! – Bethany

Isn’t that a sweet and simple little frame facelift? Especially because she used a garage sale frame and extra chalkboard paint that she already had laying around! Thanks so much for sending the fun before & after pictures our way Bethany! Your message makes an organizational freak like me grin from ear to ear. Full disclosure: my mouth is actually watering…