Fab Freebie: Duet To It

***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries***

Sherry and I have a system when we paint a room. She edges (aka: cuts in) and I roll. We both claim to have the more difficult job- and sometimes I think we’re both right (hello painting brick?), but this week’s prize could prove us both wrong…

The RYOBI Duet Power Paint System is specially made for two people who, like us, enjoy tackling a paint job together. We haven’t taken one for a spin yet, but the idea that both of us could have fresh paint pumped straight from the can to separate his-and-hers painting attachments (a roller for me, an edger for Sherry) almost makes us want to break out our paint swatches again. Heck, there’s even a sprayer attachment if someone’s feeling particularly daring.

But since we don’t have any looming paint projects to tackle, we want one lucky winner (and their handy painting assistant) to try this puppy on for size. Here’s how to enter:

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Calling All Experts: Critter Control?

When Rebekah emailed us with a doozie of a question we were pretty much left scratching our heads. Here’s it is:

Q: I’ve become an addict of your blog – just ask my husband! I can’t help but check it multiple times a day. Your posts are always so informative and they keep me motivated to keep working on our 1960′s home. Anyway, my husband and I purchased the brick ranch with a lovely yard about four months ago. My only problem is that we’re starting to see more pests (i.e. roaches… ewww!) due to the weather getting colder here in Georgia. I can’t live in a house and accept that the pests will always be there. We woke up at 4am last night because one crawled up my husband’s arm. Help! I was hoping you or your readers had some recommendations for in-house pest control. I know that pests might come with the territory of living in an older home, but I have to believe there’s a cure out there. I’m an uber-clean person (vacuuming & dusting once a week) plus we don’t leave food out and we keep everything off of the floor as much as possible. I hope my only option is NOT to hire a pest control company but if it is then so be it. Any advice? – Rebekah

A: Yup, we were stumped. Luckily (knock on wood, oops that spooked the dog and now he’s barking) we’ve never had to deal with roaches or other pests like (shiver) mice as of yet. But we did suggest that Rebekah try google-ing around for “natural pest remedies” or “getting rid of roaches” or even hanging out in the pest control aisle at her local home improvement store to see what she can find (maybe even asking an expert there what they recommend). We’re thinking there are little things like roach motels that can poison them or trap those creepy little buggers, so they might be nice to hide behind things and in corners- but Rebekah would definitely have to be careful that pets and kids don’t get into them!

In short, we tossed out a few paltry common sense ideas but wondered if any of our lovely readers had more tried and true advice to share. After all you guys were so helpful when it came to our annoying bathroom drain debacle (which we gleefully solved here), so we’re hoping that a few of you have some great ideas to toss out for Rebekah. Any natural remedies or not so natural cures that work like a charm? Any specific products or treatments that did the trick for you? Any ideas for finding the root of the problem (ie: holes? cracks?) and sealing things up at the source? Feel free to chime in and save the day. We’re hoping that regular “Calling All Experts” posts like these will become a great resource for anyone with common issues like clogged drains and pesky pets- and we definitely plan to rely on them whenever we need help right along with the rest of you!