Pressed And Ready Freebie Winners!

Oh goody. It’s time to pick some winners in this week’s giveaway from Wild Ink Press. Can I get a “what what”? But, before we hand over two sets of this personalized letterpress stationery, we’ll share the good news with everyone. Wild Ink Press is offering YHL readers something above and beyond to celebrate their new website: 20% off your order when you enter “YHL ROCKS” (gotta love the code they made up, eh?) at checkout or via email during the entire month of February. Happy early Valentine’s Day everyone!

Now, for our winners. Once was able to decipher our scribble, they picked our two random winners: Caryn Shafer (who writes with ridiculous neatness) and Theresa M (whose grandmother’s cursive makes her wish she remembered how to write it). Congrats! Now we’re all dying to know what designs you’re gonna pick.

And next week’s giveaway is sure to be a fun one as well. It may just have you itching to get your hands dirty and clean and then dirty and clean all over again (yes, that’s a hint). Stay tuned…

Find more freebie info on our Giveaway FAQs page. Pics courtesy of Wild Ink Press.



Linda’s Design Dilemma

Linda’s family room is pretty much a blank canvas waiting for some love. Here’s her letter:

I’m so glad that waking up early paid off and I scored a mood board, woo hoo! We REALLY need some help in our family room so we actually have a comfortable space to hang out. My hubby would really like two sofas & preferably one with a chaise lounge to kick his feet up on, and maybe even a cozy chair but I can’t wait to see what you think our room is actually capable of. We’re a fan of classic styles (clean lines, not too overstuffed, not too modern). A touch of glamour is nice too. We like stores like Crate & Barrel as well as Z Gallerie, JC Penney, and even Target (we’re not big fans of Ikea since we want items that are a bit more solid- even if that means paying more). The only think we want to keep is the TV. The our sad “drapes” and the couch can go for sure (it’s way to light to survive any future kids). We just painted the walls a couple of months ago so we’d prefer to keep them. We love neutrals like browns, black, grays (our usual go to accent color is red, but we’re open to anything). On the fireplace wall we’re planning to have our carpenter create built-ins so we have storage for things like our DVD player. We aren’t sure yet if we just want storage below the mantel or if we want a whole built-in wall unit with closed storage below and bookshelves above the cabinets that go to the ceiling (advice?). Oh and we need some sort of tile for our fireplace. Thanks for everything! – Linda

This room won’t be bare for long. Here’s the plan:

And here’s the new layout suggestion:

Now for the mood board breakdown.
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