Stamp Of Approval Freebie Winners!

As people who enjoy personalized/monogrammed things (what? it’s not girly- I love typography) reading everyone’s entries on this week’s giveaways gave us a ton of customizable DIY projects to add to our to do list (we’re already the proud owners of personalized art, mugs, towel hangers, paperweights and, of course, our personalized stamper from The Paper Cafe and Three Designing Women.)

But on to the giveaway winner. First of all, for the 3,700-some of you who didn’t win today, you sort of won anyway – The Paper Cafe is offering all YHL readers a special 15% discount on customer stampers and colored ink sets through Monday. Just enter YOUNGHOUSE15 at checkout. Not a bad consolation prize, eh?

Ok, now we’ll move on to the two lucky winners who will get to add to (or begin) their me-centric collection of objects with a free stamper (in any design), a bonus color ink replacement and an assortment of other fun paper items (gift tags, list pad, note cards and wine hang tags). We sent a beautifully addressed letter to and it lovingly wrote back the names of our two winners: Kate O. (the owner of monogrammed towels) and Shanna (who loves her monogrammed pillowcases and sheets). Congrats ladies! Now you just have to spill the beans about which design you’ll each be choosing.

And fret not if you didn’t win this week. We’ve got some locally “grown” prizes in the hopper for Monday so stay tuned…

Get more info about our freebies on our Giveaway FAQs page. Pics courtesy of The Paper Cafe and Three Designing Women.

Psst- Looking for a few DIY monogramming projects? Check out how we made wall-worthy monograms from old magazines and fonts we loved (both projects were cheap and easy).



Ania’s Second Design Dilemma

After Ania came to us for help with her living and dining room (and sent over the amazing after pics!) we were thrilled to hear from her again. Here’s her letter:

Sweet, sweet victory! I got a mood board before they sold out! Ok, I’m back for some design advice for our multi-functioning office. I was inspired by a previous client of yours and wanted to incorporate more lounge furniture. We would like a room for our computer/books, a day bed to lounge/read on during the day (and potentially board a guest overnight), and last but not least: an area for our two Basset Hound children’s beds and feeder. Style-wise, I have recently fallen hard for the modern classic look. Clean lines, no clutter. The only thing that must stay in the room is our new white Parson’s desk and our matching dog feeders. I would love a way to hide the actual computer (on the floor) and printer. We’ll have our wire-chaos under control soon because we grabbed some desk cable mangers. I love almost all colors (and my hub and I are definitely not color shy so bring it on!) but in particular I really like oranges, teals, yellows, blues, greens, greys, and purple. I see that you keep Burger’s crate in an open closet and it got my wheels spinning. Maybe we should remove the closet doors and make the dogs a little love nest inside? You have no idea how much I am looking forward to painting this horrible room. And congratulations to you two on your beanita! Looking forward to hearing from you :) – Ania

This space is primed for a major makeover. Here’s the plan:

And here’s the new layout:

And now for the mood board breakdown.
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