Burning Question: On A Pedestal?

Where do you guys stand when it comes to pedestal sinks vs. vanities? Do you love how light and spacious a pedestal sink can make a bathroom feel? Or do you appreciate the serious storage space that a vanity brings to the table? We’d love to hear more about how you really feel when it comes to pedestal sinks vs. vanities (does it depend on the size of the room? the style of the space?) so feel free to comment away with more details.




Some Super Classy Curb Appeal

We had the best idea for taking our home’s curb appeal to the next level. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, the gloriously fabulous front yard fountain of our dreams! We know what you’re thinking. You can’t believe how swanky and high-end that fountain looks. Especially in front of our modest brick ranch. It’ll make our house look like a million bucks!

Isn’t that fantastic? Are you guys chomping at the bit to get one of your own? Oh and one more question. Do you remember what day it is? HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!

Fountain image found here.