Gettin’ Jiggy With It Freebie Winner!

Now that this week’s giveaway from Kreg Tools has given a bunch of you the woodworking bug (and probably got some Will Smith songs stuck in your head) it’s about time we get around to announcing the winner of a starter set of tools including a Kreg Jig, Screw Kit, Face Clamp and set of project plans.

Oh and everyone is invited to get & share more woodworking and project inspiration along with some handy tips over at the Kreg Jig Owners’ Community on Ning too. One person who we definitely think should join in on that fun would be our winner of course. And speaking of our winner, after getting jiggy with, we’ve learned that our lucky person- er, people- are: The Clines, who actually want to build shelves just like ours.

Congrats guys! We’d love to see photos of those babies when you knock them out with your new equipment. And to everyone else, don’t fret if it just wasn’t your week. Monday’s giveaway promises to bring a new sense of style to everyone’s favorite spring activity (yes, that’s a clue) so stayed tuned…

Find more freebie info on our Giveaway FAQs page. Pics courtesy of Kreg Tools.



Karen’s Design Dilemma

Karen’s living room is bursting with serious potential. Here’s her letter:

Hey! I got one! Let’s get to it. I need serious help with my LR (and I’d love a few pointers for my adjoined eat-in kitchen). My decor is traditional but I’m trying to go more casual, hip, & younger. I call it my midlife decorating crisis. I fell in love with photos of your living room in a magazine and I believe that I’d be totally happy with anything you love. The sofa, chair, console & nesting end tables are all new and must stay. I still have the receipts for my two new lamps so they can stay or be returned. Everything else can go (the TV, armoire, round end table, etc). I’d also love a new small dining room table. I’m hoping to replace the carpet and vinyl with new hardwood flooring, so consider that when suggesting new area rugs for the living room/eating area. The lighting in our house is totally inadequate so I’d love all the light you think this room can handle. I would gladly replace the ceiling fan and the stained glass light in the kitchen with fixtures that are up to date. PLEASE suggest a new wall color, a color for the ceiling & trim, and a kitchen cabinet color. I like green, blue, and the neutral colors in your house. I fell in love with your nursery curtains and bought the fabric to make curtains for my living room. Basically I need you to somehow tie this all together and give it some good old Young House Love swankification. I honestly believe that mine might be the design dilemma that sends you running for the hills! – Karen

Here’s the plan:

And here’s the new layout suggestion:

Now for the mood board breakdown.
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