Burning Question: Table Talk?

This week’s big q is all about personal preference. What kind of coffee table does it for you? Are you all about a wood table for the richness that it adds? Would you rather have a plush storage ottoman for the hidden stash space and the put-your-feet-up effect? Do you prefer glass to keep things open and airy?

We’re itching to hear what kind of coffee table floats your boat. And what are your thoughts when it comes to shape: round vs. rectangular… or even square?



The Look For Less?

We recently saw a write up about designer-lookalike sofas by Custom Sofa Design on Little Green Notebook and were pretty astonished by the offerings and the prices.

We’re talking about sofas that are dead ringers for spendy Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Room & Board and Anthropologie versions with prices that start around $599 (with many many options under $799).

They even offer up chic designer-based upholstered beds at a serious markdown from the original versions. Apparently if you read the comments over on that post, lots of people have had a great experience with the company and rave about Don, the owner. And we were further surprised to learn that everything is manufactured right here in the US, that his company has been around for years, and that he’s based right out of Los Angeles. How on earth does he have such low prices? It’s mind boggling, isn’t it?

Apartment Therapy was also chatting about this very company back in February and the reviews generally seemed agreeable (there were more raves about Don mixed in with a few negative comments, but even things that have five stars on amazon.com still have a few super negative reviews in the mix).

So it got us wondering if any of you have ordered something from Custom Sofa Design? If you have, we’d love to know what your experience was like. We’re just trying to figure out if they’re a reliable source for discount furnishings, because if they are they could really make those higher priced retailers sweat a little (while saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars). And even if you haven’t ordered from them, we’re always up for a chat about stunning sofas, so feel free to chime in with your favorite models. We’re currently drooling over The Elena (starting at $549), The Kentwood (starting at $799), The Paramaunt (starting at $599) and The Harward (starting at $599). Which ones tickle your sofa fancy?

Psst- On the subject of sofas, here’s what we learned (the hard way) about Pottery Barn sofas. Oh well, now we know!