You Pillow Designer, You: Freebie Winners!

You guys had quite a wide range of dream product lines mentioned in this week’s giveaway from It should come as no surprise that when I asked Sherry what she’d love to design, she sheepishly admitted she’d create a line of white ceramic animals. But in reality she’d never sell any and would just end up hoarding them all to herself (and assigning them names and personalities) – so let’s all hope she sticks to blogging.

And since we can only dish out two totally free pillows-designed-by-you this week, has generously agreed to help the rest of you get your mitts on some custom pillows of your own for less. Through May 13th, get 10% off your custom pillow or custom duvet order with the code YOUNGHOUSE. So go forth and make pillows!

But back to our two lucky winners. Once we wrangled away from playing with the pillow design tool, it cranked out these names: Christine P (who wants to design purses – lots and lots of purses) and Sara (who has dreamed of her own handmade greeting card line). Congrats to you both! You can now consider yourselves official pillow designers – and we’d love to hear what design, size and materials you’ve chosen.

Oh and don’t fret if your name didn’t come out on top this week. Monday brings another artful giveaway, so you might want to start hunting out a blank wall in your house in preparation…

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Kate’s Design Dilemma

Kate’s ready to totally transform her blank slate of a basement. Here’s her letter:

I’m a long time reader of your site and I’m so excited that you’re working on our space. We (me, my husband, our 9 month old daughter Annabelle and our pooch Speedy) need help with our basement tv/rec room! It’s basically an unfinished white drywall box and we’re having trouble coming up with any inspiration. Our goal is to create a room where we watch tv and and also a playroom for Annabelle that has some flexibility to grow with her. We haven’t ever had water problems in the basement, but we don’t want to tempt fate with anything too precious or unremovable at floor level, so area rugs for floor coverings work best. Most of our house is furnished through Craigslist, eBay, and antique finds- it’s an eclectic mix of mid-century, art deco and whatever else plays nicely together. The only item that has to stay is the navy blue sectional. Everything else can go. The TV & stand aren’t sturdy enough for a toddler so we’re planning on a wall mounted tv (we’ll put the components in the adjoining storage space with a radio controlled remote- so we won’t need a tv stand). The ceiling light fixtures also have to go, so we’d love your suggestions. We’re definitely looking for a wall color too (and one for the adjoining bathroom if you could). We’re not scared of prints so if you wanted to suggest a stencil or wallpaper for the bathroom or the main room, we’d be game. Can’t wait to see what you do!- Kate

Here’s the plan:

And here’s the new layout suggestion:

Now for the mood board breakdown.
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