A Wilder Watercolor: Freebie Winner!

We’re impressed that so many of you were able to narrow it down to just one photo that you’d want rendered as a watercolor in this week’s giveaway from Gadora Wilder. We would have had the hardest time choosing a favorite photo of Burger (good thing Gadora picked such a good one for us!).

And speaking of good things, Gadora will be donating $5 from every sale over the next two weeks to her local ASPCA, so while you’re helping your pet look more artsy, you’re also helping other pets who are looking for a home. Everybody wins! Well, I guess we only have one real winner this week, and according to random.org it’s… Angela, who wants to get a portrait of her guinea pigs done. That might be a first for Gadora.

Congrats Angela! Have fun getting your custom work of art from Gadora. Of course we’d love to see what photo you’re submitting and even check it out once it’s hanging in your home.

But don’t fret if you didn’t win this week. On Monday we’ve got another giveaway rolling your way, though these puppies are a bit too plush to roll anywhere (yes, that’s a clue). Stay tuned…

Find more freebie info on our Giveaway FAQs page. Pics courtesy of Gadora Wilder.



Corrie & Don’s Design Dilemma

Corrie and Don are ready to transform their bedroom into something cozy and romantic. Here’s their letter:

We’re pretty open to anything you want to do. As you can see by the room, anything will be better than what we have! We’d really enjoy a romantic, cozy, and comfortable feel in the room. The only thing that must stay is the bedding (which photographed much shinier/brighter than it is) and the weenie’s dog room (aka: the crate). Everything else can go. I think that I’d like to try a DIY headboard, so I need a fabric suggestion. However, I might staple myself to the headboard, so I’d love your thoughts on a “pre-made” one as well. In honor of our two weenie dogs, we’d love if you could incorporate the dachshund print that you sell in your shop. We definitely want a new wall color (I love how you make everything light and airy)! Our favorite colors are brown, blue, green, & silver. My hubby’s only request is that we have a ceiling fan (we need a new one- brass isn’t as cool as it used to be!). What are your thoughts on a full size mirror like the one you have in your bedroom? We’d love to work one of those in. I love what you’ve done with the other bedrooms you design! Thanks in advance- we really appreciate it! – Corrie & Don

Here’s the plan:

And here’s the new layout suggestion:

Now for the mood board breakdown.
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