Burning Question: New Vs. Old?

This week’s topic is sure to elicit some pretty passionate responses: when it comes to your dream house, is it a new construction or an older home? Do you love the character that you find in a house that has been around for decades? Or do you prefer the brand-spanking-new appeal of being a house’s very first owner?

We’re itching to hear where you stand on the issue.



May We Say Thanks?

As we embark on our new lives as a full-time blogging family, we are especially excited to toss out a huge “thanks” to our always-supportive sponsors in our monthly shout-out post (after all, they make the other 40+ posts that we write each month possible). So feel free to take a peek at all they’ve got to offer (along with a few exclusive YHL discounts for you guys to cash in on).

Hoot Design Co. may sound familiar, since back in April they provided their signature Simply Baby poster as part of our Nursery Art Bundle giveaway. But you can also head over there to check out their grown up prints along with some other fresh wedding and party invitations.

Heart & Stone is one of our sponsors with a green twist. Julie’s charming silver jewelry line, featuring customized necklaces and rings made by hand, are all crafted from 100% recycled silver. Sure it may come from places like X-rays and film stock, but Julie sure has a knack for making it beautiful. Oh, and snag 10% off with the code YHL10.

Design for Less goes by a few names like The Glass Mosaic Outlet or The Natural Stone Outlet, but we just call them drool-worthy. Browsing their site’s photo galleries is an inspiring & idea-infusing treat, especially if you’ve got a backsplash, bathroom, or other surface in need of some wow.

Z Gallerie is all about embracing the outdoors and bringing it in. They’ve got a slew of exterior accessories in springy yellows and greens, as well as this sophisticated purple palette (complete with dahlia art) to bring some May flowers inside.

The Tile Shop isn’t just a source for a great range of tile options, they’ll also help you get the job done. Grab your tools and supplies from them and check out their weekly how-to seminar each Saturday. Oh, and don’t forget you’ll get 10% off when you use the code YHL10.

Shades of Light is a place that we love to peruse for great lighting and rug options here in Richmond (along with their nearby sister store, The Decorating Outlet), and thanks to a recent stroll on their site we noticed that they have tons of cool, rustic & modern lighting along with the more traditional stuff.

Etsy Kids is still rocking their Spring Shopping Guide, where they’ve curated the finest (and cutest) in kid, baby, and mom-friendly handmade Etsy items. Enjoy a virtual flip through their their alphabet themed guide and prepare to say “awwww” a lot.

The Natural Sleep Store can whip your bedroom into shape when it comes to reducing chemicals in the spot where you spend a good portion of your day. Grab an organic mattress or snag a few other all-natural bedtime accessories to green up your sleeping space in a snap.

Frame The Date has been on our minds a lot lately, especially since we’re about to have another important date to commemorate (annnnny day now). FTD’s custom frames and stylish numeric photographs are so easy to love (and so hard to resist). Heck, we might even pair one with our own Baby P photo one of these days.

Vol. 25 makes us wish we had more room for art in our house. Their sweet designs continue to make us smile, and we’ve got an inkling you guys feel the same way. Head over to browse all the personality-filled prints, photoshop overlays and other designs.

Viewville is another spot that will make you yearn for an empty frame to fill. These reasonably priced luxury photography prints can be simply breathtaking, like this gorgeous panoramic shot of Niagara Falls that we’ve been loving lately. Plus, there’s a 20% off YHL code waiting for ya.

Lisa Leonard Designs certainly has you covered if you forgot Mother’s Day last weekend (oops!). She’s got tons of personalized options to help mom commemorate her family, and it’s all beautifully hand-cut, hammered, antiqued and polished in sterling silver.

WallQuotes.com (aka Belvedere Designs) lets you pick from a bunch of pre-designed wall decals… or even customize your own. Like this “Self Serve Laundry” design (to add a bit of good humored sarcasm to your laundry area). Don’t forget to take 15% off of any order with the code YHL15.

Quirk is a must if you’re looking for- well- quirky art, beautiful jewelry and other unusual finds. This month we’re loving these not-so-plastic vases, the ampersand plate, and the Quirk-created RVA playing cards (which feature 52 reasons to love Richmond as collected via their Twitter followers).

Dolan Geiman is another great spot for one-of-a-kind art. The Virginia-raised artist and his team create stunning mixed media art offerings and prints using a ton of reclaimed items. And you just can’t go wrong with stylish and eco-friendy accents like these.

Smock Paper wraps up this month’s shout out, reminding us that perhaps we should also be thanking our sponsors with beautiful letterpress notes like these (which are sustainably printed on bamboo paper and created using wind energy). Genius, no?

And our last big THANK YOU has to be directed at you guys. Thanks so much for dropping in to see what we’re up to over here at Casa Petersik. We wish you nothing but the most fantastic and DIY-filled weekend!