Reader Redesign: Steel This Table

‘Til now I’ve been fairly proud of my self-taught woodworking skills. But I have to admit that this makes me realize how much I still have to learn about construction. Why? Because Amanda and her husband Ben said “Forget wood, we’re building with steel!” Um, gulp. Check out how their weld-it-yourself (WIY?) table helped transform their dining area.

We recently made some changes to our dining room (like adding trim and painting plus replacing the old light fixture) and I wanted to share the new dining table we built. Here’s the room we started with:

For the table, we discussed building a wooden one and painting it white. But how would we make it sturdy enough? Then Ben had a great idea. Why not build the table out of steel? It’s cheap, durable and rigid. Ben went to the local steel supply warehouse and found three-inch square steel tubing for the legs and three-inch ‘L’ pieces for the rails for a total of just $58. And the supply yard cut the pieces to length for us too.

At our local granite and marble yard we found a remnant piece of dark greenish-black marble with white swirls. Ben helped cut the slab at the granite supply shop but polished the edges at home using granite specific polishing pads on a right angle grinder.

You can learn more about the process right here on our blog: Our Humble A{Bow}d. We’re 150% in love with our new table, especially how the clean and modern parsons style legs pair with the more traditional marble top.

You can see more after pics on our blog too. Thanks for the inspiration & hard work! – Amanda

Wow. To borrow from the name of their blog, we’re totally humbled by Amanda and Ben’s amazing handiwork. I might have to go add some welding tools to my wish list. Aren’t you guys just amazed that they took on this sort of project by themselves and it came out looking so professional? Is anyone else out there as inspired to weld something? Who’s going to tackle some DIY WIY soon?



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