Oh Where Oh Where…

…can my contractor be? Danny Parker, my up-until-yesterday-pretty-good-contractor must be sittin in a tree, cause he’s M-I-S-S-I-N-G. He claimed he and his guys would be here late Friday or early Monday and last time I checked it was Tuesday and I haven’t heard a peep. I’ve called him 3 times in the past 48 hours and just got voicemail every time. Thankfully I haven’t paid him for the outstanding work so I’ll only be out some time (and not money) if he continues to be the invisible man. I guess I’ll have to stare at my sad little taped off doorway indefinitely.

Taped off doorway

At least my floor guys are here making some noise and some progress.



How Lowe’s Can Ya Go?

No Floor Trim in Den7:30pm, Monday-

SHERRY: Floors are looking great so far, right?
JOHN: Definitely. You agree, Burger?
(Burger stands in silent agreement)
SHERRY: Do you think it’s weird that there’s no baseboard here against the brick?
JOHN: No, it’s fine.
SHERRY: Yeah, you’re right. It’s fine.

11:00pm, Monday-

SHERRY: I’ve been thinking, it is weird that there’s no baseboard there.
JOHN: What? No, it looks fi-
JOHN: Okay. So what do you want to do?
SHERRY: Get a baseboard and have the floor guys install it.
JOHN: But the floor guys’ last day is tomorrow and we can’t buy any baseboards tonight because Lowe’s closed an hour ago.
SHERRY: Can you get it tomorrow morning before work?
JOHN: Do you think they even make that kind of baseboard anymore?
SHERRY: You’re right. I should come with you. But we’ll have to be back before the guys show up at 7:30.

(Here come the famous last words.)

JOHN: Well, Lowe’s does open at 6am…

And that’s how we found ourselves in the wood cutting department at 6:21 this morning.