A Dinner Party Sans Kitchen

Why cook when you can call Papa John’s? Last night when our friends Noah and Jessica came over for a meal/intense game night, the evening was full of firsts. Like actually using our dining table (we’re embarrassed to admit that we’ve been eating out A LOT lately, and when we do dine at home it’s usually Hot Pockets in front of the TV).

After our sophisticated adult dinner of pizza from the box, we made our way into the den and played some raucous rounds of Racko (one of our favorite new games) by the fire. They even brought over some tasty treats: Chocolate Chip Skullies.

Noah & Jessica

Noah runs an uber cool website called skulladay.com, so click here to see more of his gorgeous skull creations (and get your mitts on the insanely delicious cookie recipe).




Our New Addition

No, it’s not an actual addition. Or a baby- don’t get any ideas! It’s a new rug that we snagged this weekend at Pier 1 (for $40 off, no less). Our fabulous new 5’x8′ looks nice and comfortable in our living room, and helps define the living area from the dining area (since they now share one big space).

It’s a tightly woven jute that’s actually soft to the touch (a lot of the textured rugs we like are just too crunchy to actually live on). And at only $79, marked down for $119, it was one of the most affordable rugs of its size. Plus the color is pretty similar to the new wood floors in the adjoining kitchen and den, so it’s nice to bring that darker tone into the living room for continuity.

Here’s a wide shot of our rug all settled in:

Living room rug

And a close up of Burger getting to know HIS new rug:

Rug detail