Missing Contractor Update

Remember how our contractor (Danny Parker) fell off the face of the Earth? Well, yesterday while he was still MIA, I asked one of my fab floor guys if he thought trying to match the original hardwood floor was possible, since widening that doorway would require a couple of new floorboards among the 50 year old existing planks. And we’ve learned to question Parker’s anything’s-possible attitude after that brick doorway was not, in fact, possible for his guys.

Fab-floor-guy said that he NEVER recommends trying to retro-match 50-year-old wood flooring and explained that the wood lightens and yellows over time from layers of polyeurethane and exposure to the sun. He was positive that an attempt to match the hardwood would result in dark, noticeable planks around the newly expanded doorway (and anyone who knows me knows that this would torture me to no end).

Maybe my missing contractor was a blessing in disguise- widening that last doorway was a terrible idea! So I quickly called Danny to cancel the job. The irony is that this time he answered on the first ring.



Totally Floored

Put a fork in ‘em, cause they’re done. Actually, on second thought, please don’t get anything sharp or scratchy near the new hardwood floors.

It took two full days, but the floors are officially in and officially awesome. It’s mind-blowing how they (along with all the wider doorways) totally enhanced this part of the house. It looks completely and amazingly updated…well, except for the still-gutted kitchen.

Here’s documentation of the transformation:

Old den floor New Floor Den
Old linoleum covered in construction dust… is now glossy hardwood.

Bunch of Old Floors Bunch of New Floors
4 different foors in 4 different rooms… become only 2.

There’s plenty more to share about the flooring adventure, but it’ll have to wait because right now we’re enjoying our “new wing” too much. And after 2 weeks of living in bubbles and choking on demo dust, it feels great to have all of our furniture back in place. Well, again, except for the kitchen. Sigh.

PS: We never showed off how that difficult brick doorway turned out. It looks great too… especially with that swank new floor of ours.

New Floor, New Door