Old School

Remember that old, gross wallpaper we found after demoing the chair rail in our dining room turned third bedroom? Well, over the past couple of weeks we’ve uncovered some other “interesting” design choices made by the original owners.

For instance, when the kitchen cabinets came down we found this toothpaste green paint under the sink:

Puke Green Paint

And when the floor guys took up the layers of linoleum on Monday, they revealed the original faux-brick flooring (to match the faux-brick backsplash, maybe?):

Faux Brick Floor

I can’t even wrap my mind around how this floor and the paint looked with the knotty pine cabinets and “green monster” appliances.

But the kitchen wasn’t the only room showcasing questionable patterns and colors. This wallpaper reared it’s ugly head from behind a heating vent in the half bath:

Bathroom Wallpaper

And we thought the last owner had a strange aesthetic. Thank goodness he protected us from some of the decisions the original owner had made! Sheesh.



Hands Off Our Washer, Fella

Someone stole our washer and dryer.

Well, sort of. Sherry got a call today from our now-former-best-friend Robert at Lowe’s who, if you recall, had scored us a great deal on some appliances a couple weeks ago. Robert’s news: They accidentally sold our washer and dryer.


Now that that’s out of my system I’ll continue. Apparently, some mastermind at Lowe’s delivered our spankin’ new Whirlpool appliances to a family that had actually bought the floor models at a discount. Lucky family, eh? Since Lowe’s can’t get ours back AND they were the only ones left in stock in Richmond, what do we get stuck with – you guessed it – the floor models.

I’ll admit it’s not the end of the world. We still get them delivered on Monday. We’re still getting the models that fit in our nook. The dishwasher is still coming all sparky new. And they’re giving us the 10% floor model discount off both the washer and dryer, saving us another $125 which brings our total laundry appliance discount to almost $500.

The bad news is that the floor model washer apparently has a scratch on the top (which we’re not sure if we even mind since we talked about putting a counter on top of them anyway). When they come on Monday we’ll see if there’s anything else decidedly “I’ve been touched by hundreds of shoppers” about them. But I think we can live with one scratch, and the added discount is nothing to complain about.

But I’m taking that point back from Lowe’s.