Our Kitchen Cabinets Are Like Brangelina

So gorgeous it’s unfair.

The cabinets came a long way today. In fact our installer is done with everything except for that reversed corner cabinet which is in the process of being reordered (and the baseboard, which he’ll put in once that cabinet arrives). He hung the microwave, put up all the doors and the brushed nickel hardware, and added all the crown molding- which really was the icing on the cake. Bellisimo. But enough chatter. Here are the pics.

This is the view of the kitchen from the doorway that we widened in the living/dining room:

Kitchen Cabinets Front

Here’s the left side of the kitchen (note that the stainless steel hood is still covered in plastic and missing the “chimney” that covers the ugly vent pipe on top- and the stove still needs to be moved under the hood after the reordered corner cabinet comes in):

Kitchen Cabinets Left

And here’s the right side. We especially love that glass door in the corner- it keeps things open and will house all of our pretty plates and glasses. Oh and the blue stuff you see on the dishwasher and microwave is also that protective plastic that we have yet to remove:

Kitchen Cabinets Right

Now if only that reordered cabinet would hurry up and arrive so we can get our countertops going. It’s supposed to be here by the 17th, but I’m not holding my breath. Fortunately I’m pretty sure the finished kitchen will be worth the wait. And speaking of the wait, I’ll just go back to counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until the 17th.



Done In A Flurry

Richmond got its first taste of winter yesterday in the form of some light snow. Sadly, nothing stuck and life went on unaffected (no snow day for John).

Well, mostly unaffected. The precipitation kept the installer inside all day, instead of outside sawing the crown molding and cabinet baseboards. That meant progress was limited to getting the last couple cabinets in, sliding the dishwasher into place and getting 99% of our range hood hung (he still has to add the stainless steel “chimney” which will cover the big pipe that goes up through the ceiling). Admittedly, they’re not the most exciting update pics, but here they go anyway. Note: the dishwasher and hood are still covered in a protective film which will be removed to reveal their glorious stainless steel finish when the job’s done. Oh yeah and the installer’s junk is all over the place:

Cabinet Install 12/5 - 2 Cabinet Install 12/5 - 1

We’re hoping today is the last major work day, but with crown molding, baseboards, doors, hardware and microwave installation still on the to-do list we wouldn’t be shocked if it spilled over into Friday. Plus we still have at least one more day of work in about a week when that reordered corner cabinet comes in (it’ll go where the stove is above, and the stove will move to the left to be under the new hood). Then our granite peeps can finally come and take measurements for our new countertops. It’s nice to be at step 426 in this 500 step process (ok I’m exaggerating, but not by that much).