Watching Paint Dry

As I type this the walls are drying in the 2nd bedroom after what I can only pray is the final paint project in unifying our house with a consistent color scheme. A couple of months ago we noted how the warm, neutral wall colors in many model homes inspired us to tone down the rainbow theme we had going on. Especially since we had read that repeating colors in a small house can really help make it seem larger.

So, as of just about right now, our house painting is officially done…for a while at least.

We decided to use that fancy floorplan we created using Floorplanner to demonstrate the change. Oh and these colors are taken from Glidden’s digital swatchbook so the color on your computer screen is only as accurate as your monitor.

Color Scheme: THEN

House Colors Before

I know, I know. It looks fun and cheery – but it was a little schizophrenic. In fact, the only color we repeated at all was the bold turquoise color in the 3rd bedroom (which was the dining room at the time) and the 1/2 bath. Now we understand that in a small house you want continuity and rooms that feel like they flow- and not like they’re chopped up with different color schemes.

Color Scheme: NOW

House Colors After

Only the master bedroom and the sunroom escaped the repainting massacre, and while it may not look exciting on screen – it totally made the house feel bigger, more connected and a lot more grown up. Here’s the final report on the paint colors, in case you’re looking for some inspiration yourself:

Final Color Scheme

Ok, now I’ve gotta go wash some Sand White off my hands. It feels good to be done. Although a homeowner’s work is never really done…



Silver Bells (And Pigs)

Is Christmas in the air or what? Now that it’s our second “winter” in Richmond we’re used to the milder temperatures and the fact that some of our annuals are actually still blooming. But even though there’s been no morning frost (let alone snow) as of yet, we still hear the Christmas songs on the radio and see the Christmas trees at Lowe’s so we know that the 25th of December is just around the corner.

And we’ve come up with a fun ornament theme for our tree this year that makes us feel mucho sophisticado: all silver. Not stuffy sterling silver ornaments or anything, just a firm rule that anything silver goes.

Silver Ornaments

We already picked up some fun mirrored disco ball ornaments at CB2 and found the coolest silver starburst ornament at Z Gallerie while we were in NYC last weekend. And Target has been a great resource for silver balls of all sizes along with some fun shapes like a silver piggy bank ornament and a mini Empire State Building to hang in honor of our old hometown.

Anyone who’s asked us what we’d like for Christmas knows about our special ornament request, so hopefully our tree will be noticably more full of silver ornaments of all shapes and sizes by next year. I actually read something that said that the perfect number of ornaments for a six foot tree is 120-140. So far we only have about 40, so we better get cracking!