2008: The Year of the Kitchen

Happy ’08 everybody! We hope the new year brings you everything the old year hasn’t. As for us, we’re hoping it includes a finished kitchen.

To help celebrate our new year in our new kitchen, I snagged a perfect little gift off Etsy to be part of Sherry’s Christmas present. It’s a calendar called “A Year in the Kitchen” and it features 12 really cool illustrations of kitchen gear, each designed against a bold color that corresponds to the season. At 5.5″ x 17″ it looks good in several spots, but we’re waiting for the countertops to go in before we commit to a final location.

You can get your own from the Smack of Jellyfish store on Etsy for a mere $18. She’s got lots of other cool stuff there, including an alphabetic greeting card set full of animal groupings (an army of Ants, a flutter of Butterflies, a murder of Crows, etc.)

Sherry Claus was pretty darn good to me too. I was a little bit baffled when I first unwrapped these two little paper cut outs:

Crown Molding

It took me a couple of guesses (king bread? royal toast?), but I quickly figured out that crown molding was in my future. Sherry then explained the best part – I didn’t even have to install it! She’s arranged for our much loved kitchen installer to come back and put molding in the bedrooms and the living/dining room. Quite the royal treatment, eh?

So again, I’ll say that we hope 2008 brings you a kitchen, crown molding, a mess of iguana or whatever else you’re hoping for this year.



Dude, Put Down That Domino

I can hardly keep track of all the home decor magazines that Sherry reads. Domino, Elle Decor, Cottage Living, Better Homes & Garden, House Beautiful, O at Home and a seemingly endless list of other titles with the word “house” or “home” wedged in there somewhere. Any attempts I’ve made to share this interest with her have left me feeling somewhat confused and emasculated.

Thank goodness the editors of Men’s Health came to my rescue and just introduced Men’s Health Living, the self-declared “world’s first home magazine for men.” I think this calls for a chest bump – who’s with me?

Men’s Health Living

I snagged the premiere issue on our way out of town last weekend, which meant Sherry actually took the first peek at it while I was busy navigating our Nissan through the Appalachians (a very manly endeavor, I should point out).

She fell in love with it. Not because it was girly (phew), but because it was well written and had a great collection of articles and advice…many of which were read aloud to me, so I can attest to its quality. It also got the stamp of approval from Sherry’s BFF who once worked at one of those pubs with “home” on the cover.

Here are some of the things we learned:

There’s plenty more in there, but I’m determined not to spoil it. I want you to go buy the issue – no matter your gender – because I need this new mag to be successful enough that it’ll start offering subscriptions. I can’t let it join the recently canceled Blueprint in that big magazine rack in the sky.