Q: You Know What Sucks?

A: Painting a ceiling. The sheer equation of gravity + paint = nightmare. But add abnormally absorbent ceiling tiles that are bumpy and uneven to the mix. Sounds like something you’d like to do on a Friday night, right? Well for some deluded reason, it’s exactly how we spent our Friday evening. We’d been meaning to attack the dingy, half-painted ceiling tiles in our den for a while, and we finally got around to it this weekend. We even knew to use white primer instead of white paint for extra coverage (a tip passed along by one of our old contractors) so we thought it wouldn’t be that bad. It was.

The whole process involved two gallons of primer, three trips to Lowe’s (one when it was closed- d’oh!), primer in places we never expected (up my nose, in John’s eye), waking up sore, and clearing and setting up the room twice (since we thought we were done but then noticed in the morning that the whole thing needed another coat). But the glorious thing is that it’s done. Another thing off of our list. And we lived to tell the tale.

Here’s the grody before:

Ceiling Before

And a much more presentable after:

After Ceiling

Here are one of my many wacky home improvement inventions: Sock-shoes. I had to wear socks over my shoes to protect them from paint since shoes are a necessity when spending hours climbing up and down a ladder:

Sock Shoes

But even though we could complain about how hard it was for a couple more paragraphs, we’re so proud to be finished. Even during the most rigorous projects we’re just happy to be together getting something checked off of our internal home improvement list as a team. Corny, I know, but true. Just sitting down on the couch afterwards and looking up is all it takes to make us smile. Here’s the new view:

Den Ceiling After



Stairway To Heaven

We’d love to claim these before and afters as our own, but most of you know that our house is a one story ranch by now. Bummer.

Anyway, this is what the stairway at my best friend’s Washington DC townhouse looked like this morning:

Stairs before

And this afternoon:

Stairs after

Let’s give the girl a hand! Amazing transformation. I’m never one to endorse covering up gorgeous wood flooring- and this gleaming staircase is no exception. Doesn’t it look much better naked?

Of course she has some painting to do on those toe-kicks, but that’ll be quick and painless. The good news is that no sanding and restaining of the once-covered floorboards is necessary. Gotta love it when carpet comes up without a hitch.