White Hot

We’ve have a hypothesis: around 75% of the stuff we bring into our house is white. And what better way to substantiate this theory than to share some of our latest and greatest home purchases. First, one of our favorite finds of all time- a playmate for my concrete greyhound V-day present from John.

Rufus the ceramic dog from HomeGoods

Another amazing Home Goods find, our jumbo ceramic pooch was only $29. Which puts it around $436 cheaper than this almost identical version from Perch.

Score. And now he can guard the sunroom while his concrete older brother keeps an eye on the living room.

And while I was toting our new four-legged friend around the store, this little gem practically jumped off the shelf into my arms. I’d actually seen exactly the same delicate ceramic votive holder in a gift shop a few weeks ago for sixteen buckaroos but I passed it up. Good thing I did because this one only ran me $4.95.

Artichoke flower candle holder ceramic

Moving right along, next we have our new favorite kitchen accessories that were a b-day prezzie from my best buddy Cat. These adorable glass containers (which I think are from West Elm) can hold anything from bath soaps to peanuts to candy, but of course we filled them with stuff that’s white: flour, sugar, and salt.

Flour, sugar, and salt containers from West Elm

And now for an update on the ever-growing wall of (white) frames in our third bedroom. You can see we hung my absolutely priceless b-day silhouette of Burger and also added a black and white sketch of our house (top right) and a funny computer illustration of Burger drawn on my Facebook graffiti wall by my crafty friend Heather (top left).

White wall of frames

In summary, our theory seems to be pretty accurate, although we’re majorly coveting this super fun rug from Pottery Barn (in blue) so there are certainly exceptions to the rule.



Initial Reaction

Ok, I’ve rambled about monograms and personalized initials a few times, but this time they hit closer to home. As in we actually brought a few into ours. Other than the makeshift monogram above our bed and a few P’s here and there, we’ve never actually introduced our first initials to Chez Petersik. Until now. In celebration of our newly refreshed black and white bathroom, we decided to add a few personalized accessories.

Please allow me to introduce our cute new bathroom towel hooks courtesy of Anthropoligie (only $12 a pop). Identifying my towel has never been easier:

Anthropologie initial monogram towel hooks

And for only six beans each, we also grabbed these Anthropologie mugs, which hold some handy dandy cotton balls and floss. Gotta love when storage looks this good:

Initial Mugs from Anthropologie

The last exciting addition to our master bathroom revamp has nothing to do with letters but it’s too good not to mention. We finally replaced an old ho-hum white framed mirror with this swanktastic beauty, discovered at Home Goods for a staggering twenty nine dollars. I know, we couldn’t believe it either. Looking at ourselves has never been more fun.

Home Goods Bathroom Mirror