Reader Redesigns

Reader Redesign: A Kitchen From Scratch

Just as we finished our big kitchen adventure, Amanda and her handy husband were finishing theirs. Except she and her husband Ben completely gutted theirs and have literally rebuilt it by hand (yup, they even DIYed new cabinets). And although we’ve been sharing quite a run of kitchen-related Reader Redesigns lately, we couldn’t resist sharing this one too. So here’s her letter:

I wanted to send you a link to our recently finished kitchen. The room started out as a 90’s oak and almond appliance box:

We tore everything out to start from scratch:

My hubby and I did all of the work, no contractors involved. He tore down a wall, built custom cabinets, laid new hardwood floors, installed our wood counter tops, backsplash, and much more.  

It feels so much more open now, and things like the glass cabinets and our marble backsplash really finish things off nicely.

 I just thought you could appreciate all of our hard work seeing as you’re at the end of your kitchen remodel too!  -Amanda

Quite the transformation, no? And if you wanna see more, check out Amanda’s blog and be sure to hit up this post for a complete budget breakdown of the project. Congrats on a job well done guys!  Now let’s play the what’s-your-favorite-part game. I’m loving those rich wood counters and Sherry wants to rub her face on that marble backsplash.

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Reader Redesign: The Amazing Beard ‘n Lady

We figured during the week of our big kitchen reveal it was only fitting to share a reader’s kitchen makeover as well. And this kitchen redesign comes from an atypical source. It’s not from a female blogger who is documenting the DIY-ing of herself and her man. It’s actually from a male blogger who goes by “Beard” – although he does have a female sidekick in the form of “Pigtails” (the daughter that he’s a single dad to). So, long story short, I found their backstory quite endearing, Beard’s blogging style quite amusing, and their kitchen makeover, well, quite awesome. Here’s his letter:

I recently gutted and rebooted the kitchen on my 1950’s brick ranch (using inexpensive materials like Ikea cabinetry and reclaimed wood for a bench and table setup).

Goals for the reboot:

It turned out just right, hit all the goals but one.

Yeah, the kitchen will never be this clean again. Ever.  – Beard

Be sure to check out Beard’s blog for more of the story on the makeover (there’s a cool tale behind the table). And thanks to Beard for bringing some testosterone to the reader redesign this week! Virtual fist bump. Petersik out.

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