We Want Neighbors

On an unrelated note: everyone move to Richmond!

In a tooting-your-own-horn moment, The Richmond Times-Dispatch ran an article yesterday about why the housing market has remained “healthy” in Richmond, despite the nationwide slump. Apparently we’ve got affordable housing (median home price is $240K), a balanced supply and demand, plus stable housing prices that are likely to remain on an upward trend.

And to finish it off:
“Our highway network, expanded airport, historic character and other factors all will continue to make central Virginia a location where people will want to put down long-term roots. And because Richmond will continue to be a great place to call home, it will also continue to be a wonderful place to buy one…”

…and (I assume) a wonderful place to remodel the one you’ve already got.

So, in summary, everyone move to Richmond!



How Lowe’s Can Ya Go?

No Floor Trim in Den7:30pm, Monday-

SHERRY: Floors are looking great so far, right?
JOHN: Definitely. You agree, Burger?
(Burger stands in silent agreement)
SHERRY: Do you think it’s weird that there’s no baseboard here against the brick?
JOHN: No, it’s fine.
SHERRY: Yeah, you’re right. It’s fine.

11:00pm, Monday-

SHERRY: I’ve been thinking, it is weird that there’s no baseboard there.
JOHN: What? No, it looks fi-
JOHN: Okay. So what do you want to do?
SHERRY: Get a baseboard and have the floor guys install it.
JOHN: But the floor guys’ last day is tomorrow and we can’t buy any baseboards tonight because Lowe’s closed an hour ago.
SHERRY: Can you get it tomorrow morning before work?
JOHN: Do you think they even make that kind of baseboard anymore?
SHERRY: You’re right. I should come with you. But we’ll have to be back before the guys show up at 7:30.

(Here come the famous last words.)

JOHN: Well, Lowe’s does open at 6am…

And that’s how we found ourselves in the wood cutting department at 6:21 this morning.