Calling All Experts: Critter Control?

When Rebekah emailed us with a doozie of a question we were pretty much left scratching our heads. Here’s it is:

Q: I’ve become an addict of your blog – just ask my husband! I can’t help but check it multiple times a day. Your posts are always so informative and they keep me motivated to keep working on our 1960’s home. Anyway, my husband and I purchased the brick ranch with a lovely yard about four months ago. My only problem is that we’re starting to see more pests (i.e. roaches… ewww!) due to the weather getting colder here in Georgia. I can’t live in a house and accept that the pests will always be there. We woke up at 4am last night because one crawled up my husband’s arm. Help! I was hoping you or your readers had some recommendations for in-house pest control. I know that pests might come with the territory of living in an older home, but I have to believe there’s a cure out there. I’m an uber-clean person (vacuuming & dusting once a week) plus we don’t leave food out and we keep everything off of the floor as much as possible. I hope my only option is NOT to hire a pest control company but if it is then so be it. Any advice? – Rebekah

A: Yup, we were stumped. Luckily (knock on wood, oops that spooked the dog and now he’s barking) we’ve never had to deal with roaches or other pests like (shiver) mice as of yet. But we did suggest that Rebekah try google-ing around for “natural pest remedies” or “getting rid of roaches” or even hanging out in the pest control aisle at her local home improvement store to see what she can find (maybe even asking an expert there what they recommend). We’re thinking there are little things like roach motels that can poison them or trap those creepy little buggers, so they might be nice to hide behind things and in corners- but Rebekah would definitely have to be careful that pets and kids don’t get into them!

In short, we tossed out a few paltry common sense ideas but wondered if any of our lovely readers had more tried and true advice to share. After all you guys were so helpful when it came to our annoying bathroom drain debacle (which we gleefully solved here), so we’re hoping that a few of you have some great ideas to toss out for Rebekah. Any natural remedies or not so natural cures that work like a charm? Any specific products or treatments that did the trick for you? Any ideas for finding the root of the problem (ie: holes? cracks?) and sealing things up at the source? Feel free to chime in and save the day. We’re hoping that regular “Calling All Experts” posts like these will become a great resource for anyone with common issues like clogged drains and pesky pets- and we definitely plan to rely on them whenever we need help right along with the rest of you!



Giving Thanks A Bit Early

Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away, but we’re breaking out the gratitude early for our monthly thankyouverymuch to all of our wonderful sponsors. After all, they’re the folks that keep YHL (and us Petersiks) up and running, so we’re quite appreciative of their support. And they’re great resources for a lot of super fun stuff, so we hope that you have fun poking around. Here they are in no particular order…

Oliver Fabrics is an amazing source for scoring high-end fabrics usually only available to designers and architects (they’re luxe and oh so drool-inducing). Explore their fabric samples, get inspiration from their blog or fall in love with their pillows. We might be especially guilty of the last one…

Z Gallerie has been a favorite of ours for a while – popping up in our house, a slew of mood boards, and even in giveaways – so you can imagine how thrilled we are to have them popping up on our sidebar. We’re already dreaming of a white, ceramic Christmas…

Shades of Light always provides us with great inspiration for lighting (and even rugs and other accessories!) thanks to their wide variety of delicious merch. Richmonders can even drop in and check ‘em out in person, and everyone else can order easily online with their fun interactive catalog.

The Glass Mosiac Outlet (aka Design for Less) is just pure eye candy. Especially if your tasty treat of choice is beautiful glass tile. Mmmm. We’d love for some of their mouthwatering goods to end up in our future bathroom update, that is if we can decide which ones to pick…

Garnish is perfect for those who believe that the right packaging is just as important as the right gift (it really does make all the difference). On their site you’ll find great ideas for gift baskets, party favors or entertaining – plus all the supplies you’ll need to present everything beautifully.

Frame the Date is another giveaway-turned-sponsor and we’re so happy they stuck around. Don’t forget to use the code YOUNGHOUSE to get 15% off any order (might we suggest a finely-framed anniversary, birthday or otherwise special date?). We just love personalized treasures like these!

WallQuotes.com needs no introduction. Score pre-designed (or custom!) vinyl wall decals to put your favorite saying somewhere that it can be enjoyed everyday… or where it’ll serve as a friendly reminder to your spouse, like below.

Lisa Leonard Designs offers beautiful, custom designed necklaces and bracelets that are each made from hand-cut, hammered, antiqued and polished sterling silver. She also offers a slew of great gifts for the impending holiday season, new moms and even that special man in your life.

Blend Creations creates the most original and modern stainless steel jewelry that we’ve seen in a while (I adore the mother of pearl earrings). You’ll find stylish necklaces, bold rings and even whimsical monster pendants like the one below (which benefits UNICEF, btw).

Quirk Gallery is one of our favorite spots for gift inspiration right here in Richmond. Whether it’s art, decor, jewelry, and loads of other fun stuff, they’ve rounded up quite an amazing collection of fabulous pieces at any price. And don’t forget that this is the last month to catch them as part of Antiques of Broad every other Saturday (both tomorrow and Nov 21).

Century Finds always gets us giddy because their fun vintage finds never cease to charm the pants off of us. This month we’re totally enamored with this Modern Design A – Z deck of prints. How posh would your little one be if he or she learned the alphabet along with a bevy of iconic designers?

Cardboard Safari doesn’t stop at just animals and skulls, they’ve also got plenty of festive cardboard creations for the holiday season. Celebrate fall with an autumn leaf wreath (you can even customize it with copper or bronze spray paint- wouldn’t that be amazing?) or get into the Christmas spirit with trees & snowflake wreaths (that you can glitter-fy or paint to your heart’s content).

Thanking all of the sponsors has been tiring, so thank goodness The Natural Sleep Store has organic bedding – like the mattress we’ve got in our bedroom – to help you sleep comfortably and eco-friendily (is that a word?). They teamed up with us after we boasted about how much we loved our new mattress, and we’re so glad they did!

So there you have our monthly roundup of the amazing companies and products that put food on the table and smiles on our faces (we love that they range from mom & pop business to nationally run companies and from local start-ups to pretty universally known names). We have so much to be thankful for, and we hope you guys enjoy getting to know our sponsors as much as we do! Especially with all that holiday shopping that we foresee in your future…