Pop Quizzes

Pop Quiz: Hue-man Resources

Ever thought your favorite colors could help you pick a career path? Well, we never did either until one of our readers (thanks Helen!) sent us a link to CareerBuilder.com’s “Color Career Counselor” quiz. It claims to use the Dewey Color System (which is referred to as “the world’s most accurate career testing system”) to point you in the right occupational direction, simply by predicting what may interest you most depending on which colors you like (and which ones you like the least).

As usual, Sherry and I took it for a spin. Sherry’s results said she’s primarily an ORGANIZER and secondarily a RESEARCHER. Some of the highlighted keywords – Systematic, Self-Control, Self-Motivated and Independent – certainly describe my better half, though the suggested career paths (Accountant? IRS Agent?? Budget Analyst???) involve far too many numbers for her. I think she prefers her own interpretation- that she enjoys organizing closets and drawers between researching furniture options for mood boards and whipping up posts about our progress at home. Plus you know we like to research every major DIY project before diving in so it’s not too far off in that regard…

My results, however, were far more accurate. I was said to be a CREATOR first and an ORGANIZER second. Although I might not be as “nonconforming” or “emotional” as they indicate, the first career listed is what I actually do for a living: Advertising Executive (and oddly enough, Interior Decorator is also on the list). Who knew my preference for blues and my aversion to reds said so much about me?

Now it’s your turn to take the quick test (just click here) and tell us how accurate you think the results are. Oh, and it’ll probably ask you to provide some personal information but you can just click “No Thanks” and skip that page without compromising your results. Have fun (who doesn’t love a pop quiz on Monday morning?)!

Screengrabs courtesy of CareerPath.com



Pop Quiz: HomeGoods

Since we had so much fun a few weeks ago with this quiz from Ethan Allen, we thought we’d try another one on for size this week. This “StyleScope” quiz from HomeGoods (yes Sherry squealed when I revealed that it was created by her favorite accessory store) was actually shared by Stefanie on Twitter so we have her to thank for the fun.

But be sure to save some thanks for Deborah Needleman too. She created the quiz and you may recognize her as the founding editor-in-chief of Domino magazine (RIP). So you can imagine how high our hopes were for this analysis…

Unfortunately, I’d have to say it’s one of the more off-base results we’ve been given in a while. I was pegged as: Elegant Classic, which makes me picture someone serving tea in an evening gown (I can honestly say I’ve never experienced that, nor do I plan to). Some of the descriptions make a bit more sense (liking order, symmetry and timeless appeal) but most don’t sound very familiar at all (natural sense of drama, appreciation for family heirlooms – um, have you seen how much Ikea/Target/HomeGoods we own?). Maybe I got thrown off by all of the questions about entertaining (since that’s not something that we do a lot of- we’re too busy being blog nerds on nights and weekends).

Surprisingly (or perhaps not so surprisingly) Sherry also got the same Elegant Classic result. And she had the same initial hesitation that I did about the title. But her slightly altered description showed a bit more accuracy: valuing serenity, harmonious color palettes and respect for the environment. Her results continued to be different in some places (my design challenge: maximize; her challenge: organize) and exactly the same in others (we had the same “Happy Home” colors, which are somewhere near the neutral family that we both gravitate towards for the most part).

But enough about our results. Head over and take the HomeGoods StyleScope quiz yourself and let us know what you think of your results. Our fingers are crossed that they’re right on for you because we love HomeGoods a little too much around Casa Petersik and we’re hoping they nail it for someone, even if that lucky someone can’t be us (did I just hear Sherry sniffle from the other room?). Oh HomeGoods why have you forsaken mislabeled us?

Psst- Wanna take more fun (and possibly semi-accurate) decorating style quizzes? Here are a few oldie but goodies: Sproost, Ikea, Creative Youniverse.