Our First House

Capping Off An Old Heating Duct

On Saturday I found myself in our crawl space on a mission to get our heating system ready to earn its keep. We had our annual system cleaning on Friday and learned two things from the service guy: (1) We’re almost out of oil and (2) we needed to cap off a floor vent that we covered up with the new hardwood flooring installation.

The vent had been right next to our old brick doorway, but it was intentionally covered when that opening was widened (who wants to trip over a floor vent in the middle of a doorway?). And don’t worry, we checked with an expert first to make sure it wouldn’t screw up our system. Up until now we’d just been lazy / nervous about actually capping off the pipe under the house. But with temperatures dropping outside, we could put it off no longer.

Per the service guy’s instructions, I crawled under the house, knocked out a large (now unnecessary) part of ductwork, slipped a 6″cap on one end and duct taped the heck out of it.

It was actually a surprisingly easy task. And now I’ve got this long pipe as a trophy. Best of all, after our oil delivery on Monday, our house will officially be ready for winter.

Big Heating Pipe



Beachy Keen: Adding Curtains To The Sunroom

After months of meaning to hang some curtains in our all glass sunroom to soften things up, John and I finally made the move yesterday. We took white $5 cotton panels (gotta love Ikea) and hung them in all four corners of the sunroom to block minimum light but give it a clean beachy vibe. And we didn’t even have to go to Lowe’s for hanging supplies. John just used twine and nails to secure them right under the molding for maximum height. Very MacGuyver of him, huh?

Here’s a before shot for reference:

Sunroom Corner - Before

And the easy breezy after shot:

Sunroom Corner - After

And more of a wide shot to see them in context:

Sunroom Corner - After Full 2