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Clara Conversations

A bunch of you asked if we’d be continuing this series from Young House Life over here after this post, and the answer is yes. So… happy Saturday! And happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies out there who are celebrating it (says the bleary eyed sleep-deprived mom who wouldn’t have it any other way).

Convo #1
Clara (stalling before bedtime): Wait! Before bed let’s talk about my room!
Mom: What about your room?
Clara: My fairy lights.
Mom: What about them? 
Clara: They make… my eyes… feel… so… round. 

Convo #2
Clara (randomly in the middle of breakfast after looking down at her outfit): I have the most beautiful dress in Virginia.

Convo #3
Clara (looking through an old People magazine & pointing to a gold Oscar statue from the Academy Awards): What’s that? 
Mom: That’s called an Oscar statue.
Clara: The Oscar statue looks like a big fruit snack. 

Convo #4
Clara (after throwing a ball in the air and catching it before it hit the ground): I’m a hero! Or maybe I’m not.

Convo #5:
Clara (after we got home from the hospital with Teddy): Today I’m going to name him Teddy, and then next time I’m going to name him Butch, and then next time I’m going to name him Barnacle, and then next time he’ll be Teddy again!

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Teddy’s Weekly Photo Project

A lot of you have been asking if we’re taking weekly baby photos of Teddy, like we did with Clara for the first year of her life (you can read more about that project here, here, and here). The answer is yes! Although we had some fun putting a slightly different spin on our weekly project this time around. Here are his first two shots:

Note: the number font is called Sullivan and the “weeks” font is called Big Mouth.

While we were tempted to do something entirely different for Teddy, we didn’t want to completely reinvent the wheel (when it came down to it, we really liked how Clara’s project turned out). So just like Clara’s project, Teddy’s has the same core elements: baby + fabric + photoshopped age.

But the two tweaks we made for his project were:

Teddy already has a more diverse wardrobe than John does (true story) thanks to hand-me-downs, gifts from relatives, and some serious sale rack stalking by yours truly, so coming up with a different outfit each week shouldn’t be too rough. Those suspenders above were brought back from London by my mom (is he not the most dapper two week old you’ve ever seen?). And in the background department, we decided that instead of using 52 fabrics throughout the year, we’ll cycle through around eight fairly simple ones – so we don’t distract from (or clash with) the clothing too much. These are all from JoAnn, except for the quilt I sewed him.

We’ve taken his first two photos in the same spot that we took most of Clara’s first pictures: on the daybed that used to be in our first home’s sunroom, which now acts as Clara’s big girl bed. Her room gets pretty awesome afternoon light, so it’s a great spot for them. Especially because Clara likes to help/coach/jump into a few random shots. And John’s Christmas reflector/diffuser has already come in handy for evening out any shadows.

And while we’re on the topic of documenting a baby’s growth, this seems like a good moment to share the pictures that we took throughout my pregnancy, which has been another frequently requested topic from you guys. We didn’t really share a lot of bump pictures as my first pregnancy progressed (they just showed up on the blog later in a grid like this), so we decided to do the same thing this time around – collecting them all and then making one grid of them at the end.

Actually John made the grid (you know he loves a good infographic) and it was also his idea to take my picture in front of the same bush in our backyard during each season to capture the ever-changing background as my belly grew. The bush exploded with pretty blooms on just about the exact day that Teddy was born, so that last photo was taken when he was just six days old.

But perhaps my favorite photo taken during this pregnancy is this one (blue trim and all!) – just because it was a Christmas miracle that Clara stood still enough for this long of an exposure.

How do you guys document your pregnancy? Do you get portraits taken by a pro? Cast your belly with plaster? Snap a series of photos in the same spot? And do you take weekly or monthly photos of your babies? When we started the project with Clara we weren’t sure if we could keep up with weekly pictures for her entire first year, but it turned into something that we really looked forward to, so I’m hoping we have as much fun with Teddy’s. So far, it has been a pretty great time. You should hear Clara coaching him from the sidelines. Might have to get that on tape…