Sunny Side Up: Freebie Winners!

We really loved reading your entries in this week’s giveaway and mentally flagging some of your paint inspiration ideas for the future. Not to mention that a couple of you are going to have the chance to take on some fun paint projects thanks to this week’s prize from Sunny’s Goodtime Paints. And don’t forget that she has a great gallery of projects and how-to tips if you’re looking for more idea starters and helpful hints.

Of course everyone’s invited to get in on the good time with a special 15% off of everything from Sunny’s Goodtime Paints with the code “YOUNGHOUSE.” Just promise you’ll take pictures of your projects for us!

Now let’s get to the winners. did its thing and coughed up the names of our two lucky winners… Allison (who loves seeing paint take a room from blah to wow) and Natalie (who just finished painting a great reversible play table for her son). Congrats ladies! Do you mind sharing what items you’re eying with your $100 gift certificates?

And if your name didn’t come up this week there’s always next time. Monday will bring another giveaway that’s quite cute indeed (yes that’s a clue). Stay tuned…

See our Giveaway FAQs page for more info. Pics courtesy of Sunny’s Goodtime Paints.


Fab Freebie: Sunny Side Up

***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries.***

If you’re a Richmonder, you might’ve already deciphered that the Sunny mentioned in this morning’s Reader Redesign is none other than local paint heroine Sunny Goode. Heck, even non-locals with a good memory might have picked up on it since Sunny’s name has popped up more than once on YHL, like when we house crashed this Domino-featured home that sported Sunny’s signature stenciled paint treatment on her floors:

Or when we dropped in on her store, Sunny’s Goodtime Paints, a couple of years ago:

Plus we even got to sneak a peek of one of her newest creations: the floor at the soon-to-be open children’s consignment boutique called Clover located in Richmond’s Carytown district. Sidenote: we’ll be showcasing even more inspiration from this stunning shop soon because it’s chock full of awesome (and doable!) ideas.

But in case you’re still in the dark about just how talented and inspiring Sunny is, allow us to shine a little light on the subject. Sunny serves up a boatload of tools and inspiration to make your next paint job work a little harder when it comes to creating a more unique, playful, personal, and beautiful space. We know her best for her stencils, color washes, and stains- which can bring some much-needed pattern to a blank floor or wall. But she’s also got monograms, decals, and even two books (Paint Can! and its kid-tastic sidekick).

So because Sunny has so much fun stuff to dish out, we’re excited to announce that TWO lucky winners will score an $100 shopping spree. So you have the chance to snag whatever goodies catch your eye on her site the most! And the rest of you will be able to cash in on a pretty sweet discount too (stay tuned for those details on Thurs). But enough jibber-jabber. Here are all the deets:

See our Giveaway FAQs page for more info. Pics courtesy of Sunny’s Goodtime Paints.