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Make It Work

I recently found myself following the advice of the always fabulous Tim Gunn of Project Runway. After checking out Ebay, Ikea, and plenty of my other go-to decorating resources online, I found myself wondering if the perfect storage cabinet to complete our mini bathroom makeover really exists. The problem was that many of the storage and medicine cabinets out there are simply too giant for our tiny bathroom. The monstrous dimensions of the few options available in white (a color you’d think would be fairly common) would have monopolized our little bathroom.

And then I saw it amidst a pile of stuff in our third bedroom. Like a beacon of hope shining from among the pile of displaced items, an old mirrored shelf called to me like a Big Mac.

At only about 4 inches deep, and the perfect length and width to be hung centered above the toilet, it was the ultimate solution. And the mirrored “backsplash” reflects light and keeps everything feeling even more open. At first it seemed a little too long and narrow, but to “make it work” I realized that I could store things on top to “tall it up.” Bingo.

I present to you our old shelf turned storage space in our newly spruced up bathroom:

medicine cabinet

Right now it’s just holding a few pretty items, but once I get frosted glasses and opaque containers (as opposed to these clear drinking glasses that I had laying around) it will be even more functional. And best of all, it was practically free since we already had it laying around.

I didn’t fashion a dress out of gum drops, but I still think Tim Gunn would be proud.



Nice Birthday Suit

That’s what people are gonna say when they see John wearing the new charcoal gray Banana Republic suit that I’m getting him for his birthday. That’s right, John turned a ripe old 26 this morning, and I’ve picked out something fabulously practical (that suit) and something fabulously house-related (an amazing framed print). I actually found the print in a comedy of click through errors. I was on one site and clicked something only to find myself on, which is where I saw a charming black and white photo of a couple kissing through the window of a subway.

Not only is it gorgeous and graphic (love those subway numbers in the corner), it’s super significant since we met and fell in love in NYC (and clocked about a million hours on the subway together during that time).

I was so excited about the print that I sprung it on him early (yesterday night) because I couldn’t wait for him to see it. Plus I wanted to blog all about it, and since John’s a pretty avid reader of our own blog, I didn’t want to spoil the s’prise. Oh and he loves it as much as I do. In fact, it’s so special that we can’t figure out where to hang it. It has to be the perfect spot, so I’m cool with taking our sweet time.