Crafting & Art

Cut It Out

In my recent quest to unearth some fabulous art for our achingly bare walls, I’ve discovered Robert Ryan, a Brit with some serious scissors skillz. His intricate paper cuttings have been seen everywhere from Vogue to your media cabinet (he’s designed book covers, and even an album cover or two). And it’s easy to see why everyone’s enamored. Check out his disarmingly charming work here.



Art on the Fly

With a house full of newly painted neutral walls, we’re psyched to have plenty of rooms begging for some art. So hopefully you’ll start to see several posts about good artsy-fartsy finds.

We’re starting with a John & Sherry original. When we went on our Alaskan honeymoon in July we took tons of memorable photos, including the one below during a private seaplane flight to a remote volcano several miles outside of Anchorage (yep, I said volcano in Alaska).

Original Glacier

That field of blue and black in the foreground is a glacier speckled with deposits of volcanic ash. Definitely not something you see everyday. On a whim, I desaturated the pic in Photoshop to see what it got me. I am officially obsessed with the result:

black & white glacier

So obsessed that we got a square frame, a 12″ x 12″ print at Kinko’s for $10 and tah-dah – our first new piece of classy D.I.Y art. We even penned “Alaska, July 2007″ on the mat (under the bottom right corner of the photo) to make it feel like the true piece of original art that it is. Here it is showcased above Sherry’s desk:

Glacier Framed

And speaking of things to frame… if you’re interested in fresh, original Young House Love art, click here to peruse our shop.