Burning Questions

Burning Question: Feeling Gifted?

This week we’re back with one of those questions that can seriously stump people (read: us). What do you do when people give you home-decor type gifts that you don’t really like? Say your mother-in-law is constantly buying stuff to spruce up your space (but you’re less than enthused at the items of her choosing). Do you put the stuff out for a while and then gradually move it into storage? Do you just learn to love it and display it for the long haul? Do you only put it out when the gift giver is visiting? Do you admit off the bat that it’s not your style and ask if they’d mind if you exchanged it for something that’s more your speed?




Burning Question: Mirror Or Medicine?

We’re back with another bathroom question and this time it’s all about what you love above the sink. Do you prefer a medicine cabinet for a bit of concealed storage? Or do you love the sleek clean-lined look of a mirror without anything hidden behind it? Would a bathroom without a medicine cabinet be a deal breaker? Or do you love the lighter look of a mirror without all the hidden Advil?