Burning Questions

Burning Question: Faux Real?

This week’s big q is all about real vs. fake. Don’t worry, it’s not a plastic surgery debate- we’re talking about plants. Do you think fake plants of any kind are T-A-C-K-Y? Or do you think that tastefully made faux blooms, herbs, topiaries, and potted orchids can add to the illusion of freshness even if they don’t need water? Do you have a black thumb so fake plants are your only option? Or do you despise faux plants so much that you would rather go plant-less than live with something plastic or silk?



Burning Question: It’s A Wash?

When it comes to your dream laundry scenario, do you prefer sleek front loaders for the countertop space that they provide or the stackable option that they afford? Or would you rather have one of those new larger high-tech top-loading washer and dryers? What about a steam washer? Or a set that comes in bright red or robin’s egg blue?