Burning Questions

Burning Question: Up Or Down?

This next query was suggested by one of our lovely readers (thanks KK!) and we can’t wait to get your firestorm of feedback. What’s the toilet seat situation at your house? Must it always be left down (or else!)? Is there a rule about the whole shebang (toilet seat and toilet seat cover) always remaining in the lowered position? Is there a “if company’s coming” rule in place? Or is it a “who cares” sort of thing?

Anyone have a man bathroom that has no rules at all? Are there toilet seat related mishaps you’d like to share? Dish the toilet seat dirt.



Burning Question: Standing Outlet?

Faithful reader Cheryl recently suggested this burning question for all of you to weigh in on: how do you deal with your outlet covers? Do you paint them to match your walls? Attempt to obscure them with furniture and accessories? Or live with them as they are? Many designers refer to them as “wall warts” or “wall acne,” but just how far are you willing to go to minimize an obvious outlet in your home?