Burning Questions

Burning Question: Got It Made?

Lately we’ve been questioned to no end on this subject (inquiring minds want to know!). And we’ve even seen chatter about it in the ol’ blogowebisphere. So we figured it was worth tossing the question out to you guys: is a made bed a morning must in your house? Or is it about as common as a blue moon- or a finished to-do list?


If your bed is accustomed to tightly tucked sheets and perfectly placed pillows, who in your household is usually responsible for keeping said bed in check? Or if you prefer the more relaxed approach, is it because you enjoy the efficiency of crawling into an already unmade bed each night or because, well, maybe there’s a certain chihuahua still sleeping in it?

No judgements here, so don’t be shy. Tell us what goes on in your bedroom… er, um, not like that…



Burning Question: Cul De Sacked?

News has been floating around our fair state lately about putting an end to a suburban staple: the cul de sac. Lawmakers in Virginia are planning to take measures to penalize developers who continue to create neighborhoods filled with dead end streets (read about it here and here). As they see it, cul de sacs are inefficient – they limit connectivity, disrupt traffic flow, increase congestion and hinder emergency vehicles who may benefit from more grid-like through streets. But it’s obviously catching flack from developers and suburban lovers alike who adore the added safety and privacy of these closed off communities.


What do you think? Would you like to see the cul de sac preserved for future generations or are you happy to see it go the way of the do-do?

Image courtesy of Google Maps (it’s actually my childhood subdivision).