Burning Questions

Burning Question: Backsplash Backlash?

This week’s big question is: kitchen backsplash- yea or nay? Do you love the easy-wipe feature of a nice tiled wall between your cabinets? Or do you worry that something like tin squares, beadboard, or mosaic tile may look dated later on? Do you long for a glossy painted wall that you can easily change out instead? Do you prefer just a small lip of granite (or whatever your counters are made of)? Or do you think a kitchen without a full backsplash is a deal breaker?



Burning Question: Stormy Weather?

This week’s topic at hand: storm doors. Do you love them for the light they let in, or do you hate them for the extra frame of metal that clutters up your entryway? What about screen doors? Do you enjoy the breeze that they provide, or hate how flimsy they feel? Is a single solitary wood or metal front door the best bet, or do you prefer something with a little glass?