Budget Blooms

Budget Blooms: My Birthday Bounty

As most of you know, every month we like to enjoy one inexpensive (and even free) bouquet to keep things feeling fresh around here (the idea actually stemmed from a super sweet Christmas present from the hubs a while back). But somehow I actually ended up with two months of blooms overlapping here at Casa Petersik this month. Remember when I shared February’s $5 blooms? Well those suckers are still alive. Well into March. All of them. Gotta love carnations. And I’m not doing anything special (just changing the water every week or so and reclipping the stems at an angle every two weeks or so). Crazy, huh?

But that didn’t stop my favorite/only hubby from walking in the door after work on my birthday last Friday with a big smile and this pretty surprise birthday bouquet full of lilies, alstroemeria, and a few sprigs of plum colored heather in honor of March (and me I guess).

I’m not used to having a big professional arrangement around the house (especially since we usually clip things from our yard or spend, at most, $5 at the grocery store for our monthly bouquets) so maybe that’s why it feels so special. Seriously I’m still permasmiling a week later. But perhaps I should elaborate in John’s defense. It’s not that he never comes home with flowers, it’s just that he does it just rarely enough to totally catch me off guard and make me giddy. As an example, he had a bouquet delivered when we moved into our house so I would answer the door and see something pretty to bring inside in hopes of making this old ranch feel more like home. And he usually heeds my I’m-a-cheapo-so-just-buy-me-a-single-white-rose advice since I don’t want him to break the bank every month on giant special occasion bouquets.

Possibly the cutest thing is that John excitedly explained that he specifically directed the guy at the flower shop when it came to my bouquet (saying things like “she likes similar tones that are sort of layered so nothing is too high contrast” and “nope, not too much filler” and “yeah, I think she likes lilies” and “no tulips because they remind her of a certain annoying ex”). In short: the whole thing was adorable and I was a very happy birthday girl indeed.

I also love that John picked them up over lunch, which meant that when he brought them back to the office everyone was curious about the giant bounty of blooms so he started telling people that he won a pageant over lunch. He cracks me up. And he even sat them in a cup of water on his desk until it was time to bring them home to me, just to keep them happy. I’m telling you, he’s the man.

So although this month’s bouquet is less of the free-or-five-dollar-variety, it’s truly special to me and I just wanted to share the birthday eye candy. And did I mention I also awoke to find this cute homemade birthday banner (complete with little love notes on each letter/number) hanging in the doorway between the kitchen and the den?

I love birthdays. But enough about my big turning-two-eight adventures. Have you guys ever been surprised with flowers? And what do you like when it comes to big pro bouquets? It was so interesting to hear John directing the guy at the flower shop because he was better at articulating my preferences than I could ever be. Does anyone know you better than you know yourself in the flower department? What would you say if you were asked to describe the perfect bouquet for you?

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Budget Blooms: Pretty In Pink

Remember when I shared my first of the year flowers a little while back (a sweet monthly gift from the hubs)? You may recall that they had a bit of New Year’s sparkle thanks to a cake stand full of gleaming silver ornaments for take one, and a few weeks later I remixed them with less of a holiday slant since we were well into January at that point.

Well those inexpensive grocery store blooms lasted for pretty much all of January but then February got the best of us and before we knew it we were blinking our eyes and it was almost March- and we still hadn’t purchased any February flowers. So while food shopping on the last weekend of the month we made sure that a bouquet made it into our cart as well.

And we really got a lot for a little this time. We spent just $4.99 and I got five different bouquets out of the deal. This time around I was drawn to a bunch of pretty pink carnations and they went such a long way that I’m convinced they might just be my favorite flower ever. Plus they notoriously last a while so that should mean weeks of enjoyment on my part. Oh happy day. Here’s the first bouquet of pretty pink carnations adding endless sweetness to my desk near the window:

And here are three more smaller bouquets happily residing on the window ledge in the kitchen in a few cheap-o Ikea vases I had laying around. Gotta love that they look just as good in crisp white bud vases as they do in the similarly toned pink vase on my desk.

Here’s our little bonus bouquet, made mostly from shorter buds and flowers that were snipped off to make the rest of the arrangements (determined not to waste a single bloom I grouped them in a small glass candle holder in the half bathroom). They should all be blooming even more in just a few days.

All five bouquets (which happily rung in at less than a buck a piece) certainly add a cheerful spring vibe to three different rooms of our house. It’s just so nice to have a splash of pink in a few of the spots that I frequent every day. It’s funny that we keep falling behind on our monthly bouquets since every time I finally get my mitts on them I’m smitten with the amazing (and super cheap) upgrade that they add to any space. What are you guys drawn to these days when it comes to flowers or indoor plants? Anyone bringing home pretty potted tulips and daffodils yet? Anyone else enamored with roses these days (especially after V-day a few weeks back)? Spill it.

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