The Season For Thanks

You guys know that we like to take a moment each month to thank our sponsors (you know, the people who help keep our site up and running… and make the other 40+ posts possible). But over the last two months we’ve been channeling Dwight Schrute from The Office (and listing things that we’re loving, like “bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica”). So instead of just doing a sponsor roll call, we’re giving you a snapshot of one thing that we’re digging from each of them (in a quick thumbnail & bullet breakdown). Call it getting a bit more personal if you will. And doing a little virtual window shopping, which you know we’re always up for.

Oh and at the very bottom of this post we’ve also collected all of the discounts they’re offering into one quick spot, so you can scroll down to save some moolah:

And now for the JUICY DISCOUNTS:



Tag, You’re It


Some of you already noticed that after Friday’s new house news we made a little tagline switcheroo in our blog header. Since it no longer seemed accurate to describe our site as “two young people falling in love with their first house” (and “two young people making the emotional decision to leave their first house so that they can take on new projects and have more room to grow” seemed a bit long-winded) we opted for this new one:

It’s no “Got Milk?” but we like that it now incorporates Clara & Burger instead of sounding like it’s the John & Sherry show (let’s be honest, our kids are the real stars of this production). And you know I love a good math reference worked in there whenever possible. We just hope it sort of explains what the heck “Young House Love” means in the first place. Because admittedly it’s not the most self-explanatory website name in the world.